New Gay Flash Fiction from CJA — The Chance of a Kiss

We spent too long in bed, saying goodbye, then everything was a rush. Juan multi-tasked pulling on his jump-suit and swallowing his breakfast pill simultaneously. He was half-way down the path when I shouted.

“Hey, don’t I get a kiss goodbye?”

He stopped and sheepishly returned. We held each other for perhaps thirty seconds and kissed gently.

“Take care,” I said, “I love you. Share your iChip after take-off; I’d love to vicariously experience the flight.”

I watched him rush down the road and my heart felt heavy.

“So are you two an item now, Bill?” I hadn’t realised my elderly neighbour was there.

“We haven’t synchronised our iChips yet, if that’s what you mean, but we are very close. He’s going to Mars Station for a month. The separation should tell us.”

“You two boys are made for each other.”

“I hope so,” I said.

Exhausted, I went back to bed. I slept fitfully, with dark dreams that whispered about love and death. I woke with a splitting headache.

My iChip recognised I was awake and alerted me to a priority newsflash. ‘The Mars Shuttle exploded shortly after leaving Earth orbit. All 243 people on board are confirmed dead.’

It was as if a dagger had entered my heart. I collapsed and cried out, vocally and mentally, “Juan!”

“It’s ok,” Juan’s thoughts were in my head, “I’m still alive. I missed the flight. A group of boys got to the transporter pod just ahead of me and wouldn’t let me pass.”

The shock sucked all of the air from my body. I passed from anguish to euphoria in a microsecond.

“Your kiss saved my life.”

At that moment, I knew we were fated to be together.

“But I’m sorry, I don’t love you.”

The second cut was the deepest.

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Originally published at on May 17, 2016.