What’s the Probability that you Exist?

What is the chance that you exist? What is the probability that everything happened so that you, everything that defines you — your looks; your personality; your ethics; your skills; your foibles; everything, could exist now and you could be reading this? You have a unique genetic code that defines who you are. No other person who has lived or ever will live has that same code, unless you have an identical twin. Yet if two identical male twins married two identical female twins, the children within and between the two families would be so very different.

First, your parents had to meet. If you come from a tiny isolated village, where the locals always intermarry, then that might not be too surprising. If you are a typical person, think about all the things that had to occur in the right sequence at the right time over so many generations for that to happen. A series of probabilities so huge that the odds on them ever meeting in the first place were minuscule.

Once your parents got together, a specific egg and a unique sperm had to meet. Any other combination from the one that happened and it would not be you. In round numbers, a woman may have a million eggs in her body at birth, only some of these will develop. There may be one hundred million sperm in a single male ejaculation. Therefore, the odds of just the right egg and sperm getting together from your parents to make you are tiny. Multiply that across every generation that your ancestors have been on this planet, each generation the tree branching out by a factor of two.

You are literally unique and the chance of you existing is so small that in any normal probability calculation it would be taken effectively as zero.
Sometimes, very rarely, the combination of genes come together to create beings so special that many suggest they could not exist. Is their existence any more remarkable than your own? Once in a very blue moon, the genes combine to create a Hero. Even rarer than that, at times when the universe most needs them, the genes combine to create the Everlasting Hero.

This is the Foreword from A View of the Past, Volume 3 of the FirstWorld Saga.

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