Masada The Beginning

Chpt. 7 Reunion pt. 2

Azariel walked out the hot room and entered the runway. He walked further and there was a shaft. Azariel got on the advanced technology.

“Identification please,” said a mechanical, female voice.

“Sephariah,” said Azariel in a clear voice.

“Hello Sephariah what is your desired destination,” it said Azariel smiled.

“The control room,” said Azariel. The shaft moved quickly through the tunnel.

Meanwhile Geno swung his sword through a row of soldiers cutting them in half. Blood sprayed to the ceiling. Geno looked around the room dead bodies of Khazarians were everywhere.

“This is so boring, killing weaklings don’t you agree,” said Geno. Kutiel and Azemo appeared from out of nowhere.

“How did you know we were here?” said Azemo yawning.

“You will soon see,” said Geno. Azemo and Kutiel smirked soon icy cool wind swirled throughout the area. Soon blades of wind and shards of ice were directed at Geno. Geno stood still as the projectiles came near. The projectiles stopped and the ice shards broke into many small pieces of ice. Geno yawned and cracked his neck. Kutiel and Azemo were enraged and they repeated their last attack with more animosity. The wind blades and ice shards came in at Geno at all sides. Just like before they stopped and the ice shards melted into water.

“What the hell is going on how come you managed to not get damaged by our attacks?” yelled Azemo.

“I have a special ability I can create, manipulate nature and control the environment around me. Since your bodies being Khazarians meaning that your bodies are imbued with a certain element of nature. I can control your attacks and of course you,” said Geno smirking. He snapped his fingers and Kutiel’s left side of her head exploded. Blood sprayed on Azemo as her body wavered and fell to the marble floor.

“Two against one is no fair. I just thought I should even the playing field,” said Geno. Azemo trembled to the ground.

“Have mercy on me please,” said Azemo shaking with his head and knees on the ground.

“Mercy?” said Geno looking down ominously.

“Yes please mercy just don’t kill me,” yelled Azemo crying.

“You want me to show you mercy? Did you show my race mercy?” said Geno raising his voice Azemo winced from Geno’s tone.

“Please, please don’t kill me,” said Azemo.

“Fine I won’t,” said Geno walking away slowly.

“Thank you thank you,” yelled Azemo. Geno stopped.

“You know what? I change my mind I’m kind of hungry,” said Geno turning his head towards Azemo.

“What,” said Azemo his joyful expression gradually declined. Geno’s skin started to turn pitch black. Suddenly white long branches burst from his back. The branches grew high and wide throughout the room and he loss his yellow pupils. On the thick branches were large thorns. Within the small caverns of the branches green neon lights sparkled. The branches surrounded Azemo.

“What are you doing you said you weren’t going kill me,” said Azemo. The branches stuck themselves into Azemo.

“Augh!” Azemo coughed up blood. The branches lifted Azemo into the air. His blood dripped unto the white bark.

“Yes this energy is tasty,” said Geno his voice sounded like echoes.

“My energy you’re absorbing me,” said Azemo before his head dropped. His body began to shrivel up like a raisin in the sun. His body soon was gone all that was left was his armor and clothes. Soon green leaves sprouted from the many branches. The branches sank back into Geno’s back. Geno rolled his shoulders back.

“Hadn’t seen your angel mode in a while,” said Kwame who appeared out of nowhere.

“You really shouldn’t appear before you talk,” laughed Geno. Suddenly many soldiers entered the room looking around until they spouted the two Masadians.

“Sorry I kind of brought some friends,” said Kwame yawning.

“Can you please stop using your super speed I want to be able to see you in battle,” said Geno.

“Fine but I don’t like my battles long,” said Kwame summoning his two twins curved single edge blades. Kwame began to walk to the crowd of charging Khazarians. One of Khazarians began to strike but his head fell off before he could swing his blade. Two soldiers came in at Kwame from the left and the right. The moment they swung their blades Kwame vanished. They couldn’t stop their swing and slashed at each other. Their bodies hit the ground the soldiers looked around. Kwame reappeared and stabbed one soldier in the stomach. He then twisted his blades and released his blades outward. The soldiers caved in on Kwame. Kwame grinned and his blades began to light up like a purple saber and became a long ribbon like sword. He twirled around in a circle and his saber ribbon like blade cut through the large crowd of soldiers. Blood splattered into the air in a spectacular sight.

Kwame reappeared by Geno’s side to watch the blood fly into the air and fall to the ground like rain.

“Not bad,” said Geno. Kwame nodded.

“Let us catch up with Sephariah,” said Kwame.

The Gold doors were large with a symbol looking like a phoenix. Azariel walked up to the large doors. He placed his hand on it. The gold doors lit up and automatically opened slowly. The control room was absolutely white. Floating screens were everywhere displaying the ships status. They also displayed surveillance cameras. He could see Geno running down the curving hallway of the Ark.

Straight ahead there was a large pillar at the top their was a seat. An angel with six orange wings sat in his imperial gold armor. His clothes were lavish white, blue and red garments. His hair was pure white and his eyes were orange his face similar almost identical to Azariel’s but older. Azariel walked into the room. The large gold doors closed in on him.

“Hello Sephariah my son,” said the angel in the chair high above him. He then floated down from his chair. He walked with grand confidence up to Azariel. They were the same height almost twins without Azariel’s Masadian features and youth.

“Semyaza,” muttered Azariel trying to conceal his rage.

“Is that the way you address your own father,” said Semyaza.

“Yeah it is, a soon to be dead father,” said Azariel.

“Is that so?” said Semyaza with a cool expression as if he didn’t care.

“You will pay for killing my family, my people and your tyrant reign over the known universe,” said Azariel.

“Haha well you spoke the same words last time what makes you think you can succeed this time?” said Semyaza.

“My will, my drive,” said Azariel yelling he summoned his soul sword. Semyaza paid Azariel’s actions no mind. He stood still and gazed at his son.

“Naïve child of mine you can’t hope to accomplish anything with only just that. You think just because your situation is a just one, that by fighting for what’s right will automatically make you succeed. Revenge and your hate can only get you so far. You wont be able to beat me,” said Semyaza smoothly to Azariel.

“What makes you so different from all the others I killed. Azer, Azerol, countless other Khazarians,” said Azariel gritting his teeth. Semyaza looked at Azariel it was almost as if he was staring at his core being.

“Why are you making me out to be the bad guy? Remember you also killed innocents in order to convert them to the Khazarian army,” said Semyaza smiling.

“That because it was under your orders I was doing what you wanted me to do,” said Azariel.

“That doesn’t change the fact you killed innocents. But you asked what made me different Azariel. What makes me different is that I am a god!!!” yelled Semyaza. Suddenly Azariel was knocked back from a rainbow like cosmic energy that emitted from Semyaza. Yellow energy swirled around Azariel as he increased his energy as well. Semyaza let out his hand and strange black energy formed into a thick black staff. The staff was of smooth marble and within the darkness of the staff were images of swirling galaxies.

Azariel rushed in on Semyaza. Azariel relentlessly attacked with much intensity. Semyaza with his eyes closed blocked each attack with his staff. Azariel locked his blade with Semyaza’s staff. Azariel started to push Semyaza back. Semyaza quickly shifted to the left and swung for Azariel’s head. Azariel quickly parried the staff and moved in closer. He swung at Semyaza’s torso but Semyaza blocked with the other end of his staff. He quickly spun around and swung hitting Azariel on the side of the head. A black ring of energy expanded from the point of contact knocking Azariel across the room. Without giving Azariel any time to recover Semyaza from above slammed his staff on Azariel’s shoulder. The ground under Azariel cracked and the marble floor blasted to the ceiling.

Semyaza then swung upward to Azariel’s chin and before Azariel’s body could rise up Semyaza with the other end of his staff quickly slammed it down on his head. Azariel’s feet submerged into the floor. Semyaza swung his staff into Azariels midsection. The force knocked Azariel through the marble leaving a trail of shattered marble rocks. Azariel hit the wall and dropped to the floor.

“I know all of your moves. I know how you fight. I know how you think remember I did train and raise you my son,” said Semyaza. Azariel got up and unsheathed his Black Dragon Blade. Semyaza pointed his finger at the sword and the sword began to illuminate. The black blade broke into many pieces. Azariel’s eyes widened as the shards of the black crystal blade scrabbled on the ground.

“What the hell,” said Azariel. Semyaza vanished and reappeared behind Azariel. Azariel quickly turned and caught the staff. The force from the swing made a loud thrash throughout the room. Several ligaments in Azariel’s arm could be heard snapping as he gripped the staff. Azariel jumped back his right hand dangling at his side.

“What is your reason for all this turmoil? Why are you killing innocent people and enslaving othersfor what purpose? Why do you want my power,” said Azariel. Blood sank down from his head to his face.

“Ha my goal is to create this world anew. To replace the god who left his throne vacant. I don’t need your Masadian power it no longer fascinates me for I already have it,” said Semyaza his head to the ceiling. The ligaments in Azariel’s arm started to mend them back together. Azariel rolled his wrist.

“I doubt that. I know you and the humans are still in alliance. We destroyed the base that experimented on me taking samples of my blood. And during the Masadian war you killed off the whole race not leaving a single trace of Masadian life. Theres no way you have this power,” said Azariel eyes widening with animosity. Suddenly golden sparks of energy flowed through his body. His horns began to shrink into his head. Gold wings sprang from his back releasing golden feathers into the air. Small halos formed around his wrists and ankles like bracelets. A golden arch of light connected both wings. He expanded his wings radiant light fluttered throughout the room.

Semyaza stood there unfettered by Azariel’s radiant transformation. A smirk came upon his face as he turned his back to Azariel. Azariel snarled as feathers detached from his wings into the air. Suddenly they turned into radiant swords of light. The swords surrounded Semyaza trapping him. Semyaza halfway turned at Azariel.

“Hm what are you hesitating for,” said Semyaza smirking still.

“Because this is to easy,” said Azariel teeth showing in disgust.

“Ha well your friend is here,” said Semyaza. Geno blasted through the door, Kwame at his side.

“Give it up father accept your death,” said Azariel. Semyaza started to laugh.

“Remember when I said I acquired your power already. And do you remember when I said only one of your friends was here,” said Semyaza. Azariel’s eyes widened he quickly turned to Geno and Kwame.

“Geno that’s not Kwame,” yelled Azariel. Geno unfolded his arms. Kwame quickly swung his blades and released large quantities of crescent slashes at Geno. Azariel’s floating swords intercepted the purple crescents of energy. The room rumbled as the attacks collided. Semyaza laughed softly, Azariel faced him. Kwame dissolved into an orange mist that merged into Semyaza. Geno looked bewildered as he let his guard down.

“This technique far exceeds any regular nominal clone. I can create a copy of anyone or anything and use its abilities to my will. I call this technique Replica Clone. It was I who defeated Kwame that day,” said Semyaza pointing his staff at Azariel.

“Where is he,” yelled Azariel. Pointing his sword at Semyaza.

“I gave him to Dr. Seankeil son, General Gerard Commander and chief of the human race,” said Semyaza yawning.

“You did not answer the question! Where is he?” yelled Azariel walking toward Semyaza. He grabbed Semyaza by the neck and lifted him up. He then with his left hand thrust his sword into Semyaza.

“The moon,” said Semyaza as blood dripped from his mouth. “But did you forget my main abiltity illusions and my power over what you see, smell, taste, hear, and feel. So there for I was never here,” smiled Semyaza as his body began to turn into orange mist.

“He was just an illusion, coward!” yelled Azariel.

“You can say that but I just wanted to see how my son was doing. Apparently you haven’t changed at all. Your still pretty much the same little boy I raised. It seems like yesterday that we looked each other in he eye. Unfortunately you haven’t unlocked the true power within you. When you have then we can truly have our battle. Mind you if you lose it will be the end of the world and the start of a new under my reign,” whispered Semyaza with a smirk as he vanished. Azariel looked around confused but suddenly he started to shake with anger.

“Father,” shouted Azariel out the top of his lungs. The golden wings started to light up bright yellow. He then flew to the ceiling like lightning. Zooming through space to the moon. Geno stared at the opening of the ship that Azariel caused.

“Tricked again. Semyaza you’re quite the intelligent angel. Now to get rid of this place,” thought Geno. Several veins popped up on Geno’s face. Suddenly a small hole appeared in the air above him. The black dot expanded and the Ark began to get sucked up quickly but then slowly until nothing but Geno remained in space.

Azariel landed on the moon with great power. The force his landing made caused many gray rocks to skyrocket in many directions. There were many human laboratories.

He thenwith a great burst of speed crashed into one of the labs. They were empty not a person in sight. There were only prototypes of human weapons and other technology.

Azariel wasting no time closed his eyes and focused. He sensed a low spiritual and demonic energy. He then blasted through the lab with his body and flew over several other buildings and then crashed through the roof of a factory. The factory was dark but Azariel’s golden wings brightened the large dark room. Many large cords twisted and turned into a glass tank in the center of the large room. Within the green liquid filled tank was Kwame.

Azariel rushed to the tank breaking the glass with his fist the green liquid dispersed unto the floor as Kwame’s pale body fell onto Azariel.

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