Masada The Beginning

Chpt. 1 The Black Dragon Blade pt. 2

Azariel ran through the forest, which had many weird animals. He passed many winged lizards that sat up in the trees. Azariel swept through the woods in no time. Kensho was waiting on a hill. Azariel smiled faintly and went up to him. Just below him them was a huge village. The houses were of Japanese design with slide doors and at least five bedrooms. They grew crops on the perimeter of the east and west borders. Strange creatures, which were their livestock roamed not too far from the houses. They jumped down to the village from the hill. All around him people worked on their houses. They had all the same characteristics as Kensho. They bowed their heads to Kensho as he passed them.

“Must be good to be royalty,” said Azariel rolling his eyes.

“No, sometimes I wish to be unnoticed but that won’t ever happen,” said Kensho.

“You’re too humble Kensho,” said Azariel smiling. They both made their way through the village until they reached a larger house. It seemed to be a miniature version of a palace. They opened up to a courtyard which had a golden dragon inscribed in it. The doors opened up to a courtyard, which had red bamboo coming up from the ground. They walked through the narrow pathway until they reached a sliding door. They opened it and went into the house. Inside, it had a white hardwood floor, which gave off a white luminescent glow. In a room to their left was much extravagant furniture. Everything to tables, walls, to pots and pans had a dragon type design. Azariel and Kensho took off their shoes and armor and placed them on the tatami mats. Servants in white and brown clothing came and took their items away. Azariel watched them as they made their way downstairs to a staircase in front of him. The staircase also went up several floors. The house was big it had an east and west wing.

“I bet your dad and older brother are in the courtyard,” said Azariel walking through the living room. Kensho was wrapping himself in a red and black kimono. He then finished and said, “What are you waiting for let us go.” Azariel’s mouth dropped.

“I was waiting for your dumbass,” yelled Azariel, walking to another door. He opened it revealing a beautiful garden. Exotic plants flourished all around the backyard. In the center of the garden was a large fountain that mysteriously jutted purple water into the air. Right by the fountain there was a bench. On the bench was a man identical to Kensho. He was much older because of his silver hair. Instead of two wings he had six. There was also another man much younger than the silver-haired six-winged being, but he was much older than Kensho and Azariel. He had on white and red armor he was about Azariel’s height. His face was identical to Kensho’s but was more hardened and scarred from battle. His dragon-like wings were more muscular than Kensho’s wings. Azariel and Kensho walked up to them and kneeled.

“Father we are back from training,” said Kensho. “He has learned the basic techniques of Dragonia. The older man analyzed them both for a second and then directed his attention to the battle scared man.

“Oda my son we will talk later,” said the older man with six wings. He then looked at Kensho. “You may go with your brother,” he finished. Oda vanished in a blink of an eye. Kensho vanished as well.

“I see your spiritual energy has increased dramatically since you first got here,” said Kensho’s father. He was wearing a kimono just like Kensho. He got up he was slightly taller than Azariel. “You’ve grown very powerful since you got here from Earth. That’s understandable because our planet Dragonia has more gravity than your planet. But first things first I must confirm your progress before I jump to conclusions. Show me Azariel, the Saber Sword technique,” he said suddenly.

“Yes Sensei,” said Azariel summoning his sword. He traced his blade with his fingers and it transformed like before. Sensei nodded and Azariel’s returned his sword to its original form.

“Good, the Crescent Slash,” said Sensei. Azariel’s blade glowed for a moment and he swung it. A yellow crescent of energy was directed at Sensei. Sensei deflected it into the air with his hand.

“Not bad, Azariel,” said Sensei rubbing his hand.

“Now Azariel, you are clearly aware of the power within you,” said Sensei. Azariel nodded seriously and his sword vanished in a flash of light. “Because your mind and body cannot withstand the considerable amount of this irregular energy. The power controls you causing your mind to focus on the purpose of using it,” he stares at Azariel for a couple of seconds. “Do you know what that purpose is?” asked Sensei.

“To kill,” said Azariel. Sensei nodded in agreement.

“The energy is not entirely spiritual, but it is also demonic. You are not of the same species as the Ghanakians. The angel tribe you call your people have different characteristics, you have demon horns Azariel,” said Sensei.

“I’m currently aware of that. It’s just the Ghanakian people are the only people I’ve ever known or remember,” said Azariel.

“Yes, but this energy you have seems to come out when you are in drastic need of it,” said Sensei reaching behind him he pulled out a sword. The sword was similar to Kensho’s but bigger and it had a different color. The scabbard was black with purple designs in it. The hilt was white. Its guard was black and there was a golden dragon head as its pommel. Sensei unsheathed the sword creating a soothing screeching sound. The exposed blade was black and crystal like. Withing the blade purple lights sparkled time to time.

“The Black Dragon Blade,” said Sensei holding it up in the air. “Made from the tooth of the Black Dragon. Wielded by my father. This was one of the weapons that helped us gain our independence from the Trinity,” said Sensei.

“Trinity?” asked Azariel. “I heard Rishin talking about it to some old fellow Ghanakian war veterans,” said Azariel.

“Yes, the Trinity it’s a pact between the three races angels, demons, and humans. The strongest tribes of these races were only allowed to be part of this group. The Trinity ruled over all. The Khazarians were the strongest of all the angel tribes. They ruled over the Ghanakians, Dragonians, and Shiconians any angel tribe you could name. As for the demons, the Razekians ruled them. The human’s army ruled over their people. The most powerful of the races all composed of the Trinity.”

“So I guess the Trinity is no more,” said Azariel.

“Yes, all thanks to this weapon and now I will bestow this weapon to you. So that you can continue to pursue your goal,” said Sensei

Azariel took the sword from Sensei. “The blade also absorbs demonic energy,” added Sensei.

“Thank you,” said Azariel examining the blade.

“Before you go, back on Earth you should rest up for tonight. Maybe try the sword out,” said Sensei. Azariel nodded and bowed. “And one more thing Azariel. Fight for a reason fight with a resolve. Do not just fight because you like fighting,” finished Sensei. Azariel nodded and bowed again. He then left Sensei. Sensei lifted his hand. He was bleeding heavily.

“He just might be,” Sensei paused. “No impossible,” he finished shaking his head.

The stars were very vivid as Azariel sat on the rock looking at the Black Dragon Blade. Kensho came up to the hill where Azariel was.

“What’s up Kensho said Azariel sheathing the sword Sensei gave him.

“Why are you out here at this time,” said Kensho sitting on the ground beside Azariel.

“I don’t know I just like to be alone sometimes,” said Azariel smiling a little.

“Oh am I disturbing you I can leave if you want,” said Kensho.

“No you’re good I don’t mind and plus I want to apologize for what I did today during training,” said Azariel.

“No problem but about that, what are you Azariel,” said Kensho. “The sclera in your eyes were black and instant regeneration of any body part or organ, those aren’t characteristics of the Ghanakian people. In a matter of weeks you are as good or if not better than me,” said Kensho.

“Yea I don’t know what I am. All I can remember is that I awoke and I was on Earth. The Ghanakian that raised me never said anything about my origins and I never asked. I was happy with being there with the Ghanakians. Even though I had no memory of who I was, I could fight pretty well. That was the only thing I knew how to do. It came so natural to me so maybe if I keep fighting I can figure out who I am. So I made it my goal to be the best fighter in the universe,” said Azariel smiling a little at Azariel.

Kensho laughed a little.

“Hey don’t be laughing at my goal,” said Azariel pretending to be angry.

“No, it’s not that, it’s just I regret not having these talks with you while you stayed here. I know nothing about you at all,” said Kensho.

“Don’t worry I’ll visit you guys again. I’ve only learned the basic techniques,” said Azariel.

“Okay, well it’s getting late. I’m going to get some rest,” said Kensho reaching into his kimono. He pulled out a red book and threw it at Azariel. Azariel caught it and looked up at Kensho.

“That’s a Yamek. It’s a collection of books talking about the origins of life. Don’t tell me I never gave you anything,” said Kensho. Azariel smiled.

“Thanks, Kensho,” said Azariel flipping through the pages of the red book.

“No problem, all right see you later,” said Kensho flying off to the house. Azariel stopped on one page of the Yamek and began to read it.

Book of Aryares

When God created the heavens, he created the twelve of us. From us came the first beings called angels. They all started out pure without sin. But some defected when God created humans. Those that defected lusted for the wives of men. Their offspring either turned into giants or turned into more powerful beings, demons.

God witnessed his angels interfering with the humans and demons and monsters ravaging the earth. He then banished them along with the monstrosities they created. Therefore, the angels presided in Heaven, the humans on earth, and the demons, Hell. But we the Guardians live secretly among them all.

Azariel yawned and closed the book and went to sleep.

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