WooCommerce 4.0 Released: Explore What’s New in First Major WooCommerce Release of 2020

Mar 24 · 3 min read
Source: KrishaWeb.com

The release of WooCommerce 4.0 can be expected to be a major one that has surpassed its predecessor WooCommerce 3.0, in many aspects. Coming with a lot of changes and improvements, it is sure to help users. The latest version of the plugin for WordPress is the effort of the expert team of WooCommerce. With the major release, it can be expected to be compatible to run with most versions of the WooCommerce 3.x. Before users start to use it, try to test it through different staging sites by creating a backup of database and code. For more details, refer “How To Update WooCommerce“…

WooCommerce 4.0 Prerequisites

With slightly changed requirements of the latest version, some of them are listed below.

  • It requires WordPress 5.3 version to be compatible to run it smoothly
  • The WooCommerce 3.6.0 or a higher version is required to opt for installation of the version to the latest one
  • It requires PHP version of 5.6.0 or higher. However, PHP 7.2.0 or higher version is suitable to run the latest version of WooCommerce 4.0 smoothly
  • A MySQL 5.0 or higher version should be available to run with WooCommerce 4.0. However, MySQL 5.6 or a higher one is the safest bet to try.

New WooCommerce Admin

Source: KrishaWeb.com

The WooCommerce Admin can be considered as a new platform based on JavaScript that helps to manage the store better. The central dashboard helps in a better performance to get access to functions like analytic, reporting statistics, and going through the resulting reports. The current version comes installed with some of the latest features that were missing in its previous version. The set of the new improvements are detailed in the following part of the article.

New Dashboard

Now get sales data in one place, enabling easy accessibility of the store. This helps in powerful and analytical access to the dashboard. So, it is better to configure it for the better use of the needs, get personalized notifications, and get a chance to analyze the metrics of the reports better.

New and Improved Reports

Nothing can be better than getting access to extendable and filtered reports and helps in speed work. This way, you can get better reports on revenues, sales, categories, and the like. Even with better and easy integration with the system, it enables us to create easy report data.

New Notification View for Customers

With a better customer view, it is easy for them to get access to the notifications. To understand the need of the customers better, the latest customers tab included in the interface shall help. In this, one can search using filters and different segments, and this is incorporated based on different variables like export, track details. Also, the customer details list can be downloaded.

Store Management Tools

From the main screen of the platform, you can access critical functions that further helps in better management and task flow. From managing stocks, fulfilling orders, moderate the reviews, and the rest could be done with the use of the API used activity panel on the interface.

Explore all the feature upgrades of WooCommerce 4.0 at WooCommerce 4.0 Release

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