A Few of Warren Buffett’s Most Important Pieces of Investing Advice

The former CEO of Iyer Health Shield, Krishen Iyer dedicates his time to real estate development through a firm he founded in Fresno, California. With respect for Warren Buffett, Krishen Iyer seriously considers the advice offered by the renowned investor, who has arguably generated some of the soundest investment counsel over the years.

One of Mr. Buffett’s key pieces of advice is to invest for the long haul. People should expect to own stocks for 10 years or more. When individuals are not investing for the long haul, they pay too much attention to the small peaks and valleys in the market instead of long-term trends.

Mr. Buffett also reminds us to trust ourselves rather than the crowd. The fears and opinions of the latter can cause us to do irrational things if we do not divorce ourselves from them and trust our own experience and intuition.

A major takeaway from Mr. Buffett is the need to invest in what we know. Investments that are too complex for us to understand quickly lead to mistakes. Typically, people work in only a few industries throughout their lives, so they should trust the deep knowledge they have acquired about those to make the best investment decisions.

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