“Is This Worth My Time?” (#3)
Blake Powell

What the most difficult situation is when the opposing person wishes not to share, and spends every moment being so obstinate that I inherently cannot associate with their mentality. In such situations, I remember that there will be persons who will make my life difficult, or that there are things outside my control (their behaviour) so I should give up attempting to control them.

Not every situation will be where I may be able to rationalize the other person by being in their shoes, also there may be times when I may be so upset that I cannot rationalize the other person, when leaving them may be best.

However, there comes the slippery slope, where too many people would fit the unable to rationalize persons category easily after some time, and we may become lazy and dissuade ourselves from even attempting an appropriate effort. This is the balance which we are after, I hope.

Thus, I feel balance is essential to any situation.

Also feel the author met a troll, individuals closed off from any possible changing of their opinions via passive selective understanding or comprehension.

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