Jane’s eyes sprang open. She pulled the covers up to her eyes, afraid to turn over and look out her window.

The woods were where she had seen the little girl; in a dirty white dress, running and terrified.

Just look out the window. She isn’t there. She could see her own breath, the room was freezing.

A shadow moved into the moonlight on the wall.


She pulled the covers over her face and screamed.

Suddenly, she felt a hand on her shoulder. She kicked and tried to burrow further under the covers, but something tore the covers away.

Jane huddled against the headboard. She couldn’t hear her own screaming.

The girl stood beside her, in the white dress and filthy. Part of her face missing, exposing skull and an empty eye socket, the other eye milky white.

“A little boy killed me.”

The girl’s head tilted as she spoke. “Bob killed me and buried me in the woods.”

Jane’s door opened and her parents rushed in.

“Janey, baby you are having a nightmare.” said her mom.

“Mom a dead girl was in my room! A boy named Bob killed her and buried her in the woods!”

Her dad brushed back her hair.

“Sweetie we have lived here since you were born. I grew up here. Your grandfather built this house. No one is buried in the woods and I don’t remember any Bob.”

“Sleep with us,” her mom said, taking Jane’s hand.

As she got off the bed, Jane saw her dad walking to the window, looking towards the woods.

Her mom turned and stopped. “Robert, are you ok?”

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