It’s like my grandfather used to say, people don’t miss people, they miss how they made them feel about themselves.

I don’t miss her. I only miss the way she used to make me laugh when I was sad. Or tease me when I am wrong. I just miss the small small things she did that made me feel like the happiest person in the world, like the way she used to take that one strand of hair and tuck it behind her ear or the way her anklets made noise whenever she walked.

You may be probably wondering. Who is this guy? Why the hell am I reading or hearing all this nonsense?

Hello, my name is Sam and this is the last letter I am going to write before I die!

It’s not because of a girl that I’m killing myself, it’s because of the pain of staying far away from her that is driving me nuts.

You will say life moves on, there are plenty of fish in the sea, etc. But is there someone just like her?

They say that when you are in love or have a crush on someone, your brain produces some kind of hormone that will make you ignore the imperfections of the person you love!

What if I told you she was so perfect that I did not even need that hormone!

She did leave me! She left me for good! Now all that is left of her the burnt bones and ashes!

She did leave me, but her memory stayed behind like a residue from a nuclear blast. She still talks to me. I can still see her taking that one strand of hair and set it neatly behind her ear. I can still hear her the sound of her anklet. The smell of Jasmine flowers. By the way she always smelled of Jasmine. No idea how.

She always keeps asking me if I don’t miss her?

I just smile and say you don’t exist you are just a figment of my imagination.. But only I know the truth, she is exactly who she is..

She has been with me from when I was little

She grew up with me she is as old as I am.

She is me.. I am her.

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