The Dark Shadow

There is something called a survival instinct in every man and Sam was just feeling that, that grit determination the anger the fear was replaced by the adrenaline.

He could feel the blood pumping to his head his heart was beating fast, he felt the weight of the iron rod in his hand, the cold steel was dripping blood, he never thought he would fight someday he always felt he was a happy go lucky chap with great tolerance for pain.

His head hung low, he was dizzy he was swaying in his place, it was do or die for him, he slowly looked up at the people surrounding him.

He mentally counted 10, 10 was not a small number for a guy who never knew how to even slap a person, all it took was one mistake, one mistake that changed his life forever.

He lifted his head smiled and uttered “So who’s first?”

The iron rod felt heavy he swung the rod around hopelessly trying to hit something but all he hit was air.

He could hear all of them talking

“kill him, before he kills us!!” well that was not happening Sam knew it was not happening.

He tried to clear his head of all the thoughts but he could only see a face a voice crying out for help from the depths of his inner mind, he wiped the blood near his lips and swung the rod once again, he suddenly felt the vibration from the rod he had hit something to be exact he had hit someone, he looked up to see the guy with the knife lying 3 feet away from him, he smiled he kind of liked this rush the smell of blood filled his nostrils.

He looked up smiled and with precision hit


Sam felt a slap in his face, his first thought was why me?

What did I do to deserve this?

Sam looked up and saw The Boss

“You were told to kill the fucking girl, what the fuck did you do?”

“You let her go? Now she will die in front of your eyes and no one can stop that”

Sam felt helpless he looked up and murmured

“She’s just a little girl let her go, your beef is with me not her not my family!”

The boss smirked and replied “Well someone has to die right?”

Sam could hear the gun cocking he begged

“Please let go of my family, please I beg of you”

The boss smiled and said

“Say bye bye to daddy now”


Sam heard a gunshot and the bullet just missed his ear by inches, Sam looked back and swung the rod to the gun wielders hand.

Sam could hear the guys bones crunching, breaking

“Ah you son of a bitch you fucking broke my hand” the guy cried out.

“You shot me!! that the price you pay for fucking with my family.” Replied Sam calmly.

“Where is he?” asked Sam

“I don’t know, please don’t kill me” replied the guy

Sam took the guys broken hand and bent it backwards

“Aaaaah” screamed the guy in agony

“I won’t ask you once more, the next time I will put a bullet to your fucking head,” said Sam

“I ask you once again where is he?”

“Ok ok I will tell you, please don’t kill me I have a family too,” said the guy

“He’s hiding in his farmhouse near NH45,” said the guy.

Sam looked at him smiled and said “Now that was not so difficult right?”

“Please don’t kill me I have a family” begged the guy

Sam dropped the heavy rod which was full of blood, the rod fell on the floor and made a huge noise.

Sam picked up the gun and walked away, just as he reached about 10 meters away from the guy

He cocked the gun and shot him, he could feel the recoil of the gun, the power was indescribable

“I had a family too you know.”

Sam walked towards the car and started it and drove quietly into the midnight towards his next target.

Sam was a ruthless killer a murderer a protector of the innocent.

The media had given him a name, a name he was known by a name that strikes fear in the heart of the wicked.

Sam King was dead when “The Boss” murdered his only family, his daughter now he was “The Dark Shadow.”

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