Normalizing Plus Sized Clothing for Women

It’s about time!

So for as long as I can remember I have been on the not-so-skinny side, let’s just say. Oh the memories of going to various clothing stores and having a hard time finding at least one thing that would fit.

While my peers were sporting the latest Hollister fits, I had to resort to wearing clothing from stores that were way mature for my age.

As much as it felt like I was, I know now for a fact I was not alone.

“Today, the average American woman is 5’4″, has a waist size of 34–35 inches and weighs between 140–150 lbs., with a dress size of 12–14.” -WebMD

The fashion industry is not what it used to be…in a good way.

With beauty standards being at an all time ‘skinny’ not too long ago, a lot has changed.

Women and young girls are constantly being pressured to look a certain way. This message is being sent via internet, television etc. We all know this. So wouldn’t it only make sense for those outlets to change the way we see ourselves and these standards?

It is now close to normal to see an ad about ‘loving yourself’ and ‘you’re beautiful no matter what size you are’. Or something along those lines.

Another thing you’ll notice in most of these ads are that they use actual plus sized, ‘everyday women’.

All though some would argue that this promotes unhealthy habits. I think that is false.

With these different types of ads, clothing stores are just trying to find a way to connect to a bigger audience (no pun intended) to drive sales. As well as trying to get women to feel confident and stylish because who says plus sized women can’t be fashionable?

With clothing stores making this positive change, it has now become easier for women to find clothing that are trendy and stylish without the stress. Some stores have even extended their sizing up to a size 28!

Here’s a list of a few stores that has presented their plus line within recent years:




Charlotte Russe

Fashion Nova


So you see there has been quite a turn around of how many clothing stores have jumped on the bandwagon. I guess they finally get it!

Role Models
The shift in seeing more bigger size models has also impacted the normalization of plus clothing. Having someone to look up to and relate to is an essential thing to have. Especially when you feel like you are not normal or fit in with the standards of society.

These women have since tried to break beauty standards and are doing a great job of it. I will leave you with some amazing individuals that I personally I look up to.

I also provided their Instagram account names so you can follow up on them for yourself!




bae.doe & dounia



Comment or tag someone that you look up to and/or relate to and why.