Bipolar Support Group

I recently started a closed Facebook group for people living with bipolar disorder called The Sunny Shadow: Bipolar Support Group. At this time it’s only open to those who’ve actually been diagnosed with some form of the disorder, meaning that it’s not open to loved ones. As the members feel more comfortable being open and honest in this setting.

I’m beyond pleased with the way it’s going. The group is a supportive community free from judgment. No one is perfect, and the members certainly saw that I am not by the post I shared today in the group (and the one last week). But I believe that by sharing our missteps helps both us and the group as a whole. When I shared today, not only did I receive support, I gained a sense of accountability. And I hope the group could relate to my words and feel less alone. And when I overcome my current obstacle they may even be inspired and motivated. I know that I am when I see them fight through whatever stands in their way on a given day.

If you feel so inclined, come join The Sunny Shadow: Bipolar Support Group! It’s a special community where you’ll quickly feel at home.

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