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Are you getting an equal piece of the pie? (Photo by Jonathan Farber on Unsplash)

They make more of a difference than you realize

If you’ve worked anywhere for more than a minute, you’ve undoubtedly witnessed something that makes you think:

Whether it’s something big or something small, I guarantee one thing — it’s not just you. We all notice injustices. And most of us keep a tally of them in our head, even if we try not to.

We can’t help it. It’s in our nature.

We’re Hard-Wired to Detect Inequity

From a very young age, as early as 12 months, children expect to see resources divided equally. This yearning for fairness extends to other primates, as this video excerpt from a study by Dutch…

A Shadorma poem

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Photo by Alex Mao on Unsplash

Treat yourself
for a few minutes
dive right in…
Let a story fascinate
renewal awaits

Response to Kathy Jacobs’ prompt:

A story by KC Healy

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“Computer programmer's single microchip” by Brian Kostiuk on Unsplash

Bu bu buh! Bu bu buh!

Although he was the only one that could hear the ringtone, the faint blue icon pulsing on the back of Aaron’s hand signaled the incoming call to his entire table.

Corey, his nephew, was unimpressed. He had seen the tech progress for years, from the time Aaron designed it through its recent FDA approval. Corey’s partners though — they looked like their eyes were going to pop out of their skulls.

Aaron pinched his right earlobe twice to place the call on hold, then glanced at his palm.

“Excuse me, it’s my office. I’ve…

Helpful (?) words from a fellow member of your writing group

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Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

Dear Joseph,

I’m so sorry to hear about your writer’s block! It must be terribly painful for you. Not to mention your adoring audience!

I know some people say that say writer’s block is not a real thing. Those people are clearly sadly mistaken! You have it after all, don’t you?

Is it like an intestinal blockage for you? Knowing that you have something to say but it just won’t come out? Or is it more like an alien spaceship kidnapped you and ate your brain?

Either way, I empathize!

Why do you think you are blocked?

Did a troll…

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“A white“Facts matter” pin on a black backpack on a person's back” by The Climate Reality Project on Unsplash

Politics and poetry

Short fiction by K.C. Healy

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Photo by Andrew Spencer on Unsplash

Kelly was grateful that her grandmother had asked for her help. She was moving into assisted living and needed to pare down a houseful of objects into just a few boxes — whatever would comfortably fit into her new apartment.

As much as Kelly tried to repress it, she knew that her 85-year-old grandmother wouldn’t be around forever, and she was happy for any opportunity to spend time with her.

Even so, it had been a long week.

“I think we’re down to the last bit, honey,” June said, “let’s finish this up and I’ll get us a snack.”


A story by KC Healy

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Andrew Ruiz via Unsplash

Larry blinks ands rubs his eyes. Light radiates around him.

Despite the glow — or perhaps because of it — all he sees is a bearded man a few yards ahead, standing next to a balance scale. As Larry walks toward him, he notes that the left half of the scale holds a gray, billowy object.

“What’s that? Where am I?” Larry asks.

“Your soul, mate. Still a little groggy, eh?”

“My — what? Wait. Who are you, anyway?”

The man places a small metal ball on the right half of the scale and leans in to get a better…

K.C. Healy

I rarely use a $10 word when a $2 one will do.

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