A Radical Approach to Personal Transformation

In today’s increasingly fast paced world, we want everything as quickly as possible- an attitude that has extended beyond convenience stores and the ‘instant gratification ‘ world of the internet into our personal lives. For every kind of ‘problem’ there’s a 4–6–8 week program promising to completely change your life. Yes, sometimes intense work on one particular area can be helpful but most of the time it’s simply too much!

It’s kind of like New Years Resolutions- we set these lofty goals on January 1st, but how many make it to January 7th? This happens because we sort of forget about life; work, school, kids, and all our other responsibilities. It all becomes too much, and it’s really easy to let things fall to the wayside.

However, if we slow down a bit and break down our goals into more manageable pieces we can create lasting positive change. Think of a goal you have or something you’ve been working towards. Now think of one small, simple step that’ll help you get there. Got something? Fully commit to it every day. Set reminders on your phone, put up post it notes, whatever will help you remember. Stay with this one step until you’ve fully integrated it into your life, and then add another. And repeat.

Like the coming of Spring, Personal Transformation can’t be forced. Flow into it instead.

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