I’m afraid Africa is a lost continent.
Rick Fischer

Hi Rick

Your view is an understandable one. There is a lot of famine, corruption, disease and violence. This is well-known and documented. But could and should we reduce an entire continent to these four words?

Why are we so passionately disinterested in stories about progress, hard work and talent in other countries besides our own? The situation is far from perfect in South Africa or Rwanda but after what happened up until the mid nineties it’s an absolute miracle that they somehow managed to continue. Maybe we can learn from them how their peace and reconciliation processes worked and maybe, just maybe some of it would actually be in order in our own countries where hate is on the rise.

Maybe we can learn from people who had to contend with way less how to get the most of what you have because while they might be resource poor they are certainly not poor when it comes to creativity, ingenuity and resilience.

Maybe instead of inadvertently screwing up politics and local economies one thing we could do in the West is to do them the courtesy of believing that they can grow and evolve. That’s not going to solve everything or even be enough but it would be a departure from the doom and gloom view which is obviously not helping at all…

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