FAQ chatbot with Dialogflow

One of the steps towards integrating chatbot into your support services is use FAQ as a knowledge base. In this article you will learn how you can create a chatbot based on your FAQ. Let’s start!

Step 1: Create an agent

Go to Dialogflow console and create a new agent

Step 2: Enable beta features and APIs

“Knowledge bases” feature is currently in beta and we need to enable access to it in the agent settings under “General”

Step 3: Create a knowledge base

Navigate to “Knowledge” on the menu to the left and create a new knowledge base.

Step 4: Add your FAQ

Create a new document in your knowledge base and add a link to your FAQ.

Note: not all FAQ html pages work out of the box, but there are plenty of other options how to feed your information to the bot.

For this example, let’s use twitter FAQ

Step 5: Handle responses

Under “Responses” add some variants on how your chatbot should present the knowledge base response:

Step 6: Test

You can test your chatbot in Dialogflow or you can add it to one of the platforms like Slack. To be able to test your chatbot in Slack, go to “Integrations” and enable “Slack” and use test function for a quick review

How to improve?

  • Adding a web-hook (“Fulfilment”) and filter the answers by “matchConfidenceLevel
  • Enable “Small Talk” feature


It seems like the new “Knowledge base” feature in Dialogflow can make it a lot easier to create FAQ chatbots. Of course, depending on your use case, you might want to add a web-hook that will edit and filter the responses.