Before You Leave

When she exclaims that she hates you,
An screams for you to depart,
What she means is that she needs you,
An inside she is falling apart.

When you try to offer comfort,
To be told to “go away!”
You should know she doesn’t mean it,
An she needs for you to stay.

Anger is just a costume,
It’s one she wears quite often,
It disguises all her fears and pain,
It takes time for her to soften.

Patience is a tool you require,
If you want to love the damaged,
Time is something else she needs,
Otherwise you may not manage.

If the relationship’s worth having,
It will be hard, painful and exhausting,
If the relationship was effortless,
You would find it exceptionally boring.

You shall never find another,
Who will love you quite as deep,
I promise you she is worth it,
Definitely someone you should keep