Kristin Austin
Sep 9 · 1 min read

Seriously, self-help is for people with first world problems.

Really, Tim Denning you broke up with your girlfriend and people didn’t like your work, you got a paper cut — oh no, so sad, poor baby.

Try my oldest friend’s mother died this week, one of my dearest friends is now at death’s door with the nastiest of cancers (she’s only 47), oh and some woman who was having a bad day ran into my body at speed with her car and I can’t be fixed, haven’t been able to walk properly for 15 months. And she walked away with a mere $400 fine whilst the rest of my life’s earning, learning and enjoying capacity is in the toilet.

What’s ‘not that bad’ about all of that??!! Wanna tell me why I shouldn’t give up? Really, I’m listening.

Kristin Austin

Written by

Small business owner; passionate advocate for preventing poverty & abuse by building a business; educator; mentor; thriving survivor of childhood sexual abuse.

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