Kristin Austin
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This assumes that the problem is finite — i.e. to change their body, their job or find love, etc. Something tidy with a beginning and an end.

For some people, it’s much, much more complex than that. And it’s definitely not a ‘3 minute solve’ away.

Me, I got hit by a car as a pedestrian 15 months ago, my body is still broken and because it’s taken so long to get any understanding of my real medical issues, so is my spirit. My business will take some time to fix as a result and my future ‘career’ of being a uni lecturer is now about to hit legal action because of their unwillingness to work with my current (hopefully temporary) disability.

This type of self-help can be dangerous, because you never really know what people are dealing with. I’m so over being told how easy fixes ‘should’ be by people who’ve never truly grappled with truly serious stuff.

Don’t ‘should’ on your life people. And don’t let others ‘should’ all over your life either.

If there’s one thing that the last 15 months has taught me it’s this. Sometimes, the only thing you can do is get through the day, or the morning, or the next hour or next minute. And you do that in the whatever manner you can. Don’t let others judge whatever what you can do looks like. You’re doing the best you can. Just keep doing that.

Maybe at some point in the future, you’ll be able to do more, make a plan, etc. For now, do whatever you can. You’re braver than most for just waking up this morning.

Kristin Austin

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Small business owner; passionate advocate for preventing poverty & abuse by building a business; educator; mentor; thriving survivor of childhood sexual abuse.

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