Are Borders Necessary in Our World Today?

Carey G. Butler asks in his impassioned plea for awareness:

Why do not we help people in their own countries? Borders are simply not for primitive man, but because people are sure to provide a cultural identity to participate, which is of value.

He continues:

The path of the Banksters leads straight to the international ID card, which everyone must carry with you and the next thing we are chipped like cattle.

Honestly, I have asked similar questions regarding how long we have before we are chipped… My question for Carey and anyone else who passes along and would like to jump into a polite exchange of ideas is this:

Do you think we can outrun prophecy? Or is it our destiny to make sacrifices for our fellow brothers & sisters in the form of sharing land, currency, knowledge, culture, etc.,? This whole life is a testing ground whether we are a believer, an atheist, or certainly for those of us who default to agnosticism as our primary way of relating to others… Cross-culturally, we are each leveled by our common needs and share basic universal morals and ethics and so perhaps the greatest test will be how well we treat each other and if we can truly become one.

Although I have traditionally detested the colloquialism Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die because I believe it hinders those who might have greater potential for productivity and is used all too often to excuse unproductive behavior, I am starting to see some merit.

I think we miss the mark by prioritizing nationalism over erasing the borders for the sake of holding onto a culture which no longer serves us best in our global #HumanNation. Therefore, I propose that we instead think a little more about those very base needs we all have yet fail to share our abundance with everyone.

Let us eat, drink, and share… and invest in a new flag that more fairly represents what we’ve already become in our hearts.

One nation… One Human Nation.

and I could be wrong.

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