I’m Sorry For Your Loss

Dear Male Public Officials,

I’m sorry for your loss gentlemen. It must be really confusing for you in a time such as this. It probably doesn’t feel fair at all. I mean, you were only doing what your hero does, right? So how come Donald J. can become President while you get thrown out of a job?

Dear American Public,

I’m sorry for your loss, fellow Americans. You thought we lived in the greatest country in the world — one in which a protest matters and our laws protect us as long as we are good. Welcome to reality. Our general ignorance and lack in collective foresight has given birth to a great and fantastic oligarchy. How does it feel to feel powerless?

Dear “Non-Racist Trump Supporters,”

I’m sorry for your loss, my friends. I know you didn’t mean to saddle us with a leader who has fast become the symbol of racism and misogyny. You just want that wall; you just want to feel safe again; you just want peace in the land. Well, it looks like you’re going to get the wall at least — by way of executive order. But peace in the land? Oh no. NEVER as long as we have as our president THAT MAN.

Dear World,

I’m sorry for your loss, my brothers and sisters. America’s leadership in global health assistance has been superseded by a man and his cronies. They have recklessly reinstated a policy in the name of “putting an end to taxpayer funding.” Under this reinstatement, not only are you losing much needed access to accurate information and safe reproductive care, but you may lose more women and a declining abortion rate. The good news is that many of us taxpayers are outraged by the works of Donald J. Trump. We will not stop fighting for you. And we will not stop fighting for human rights everywhere. WE will make America great again. But until we clean up our great fantastic American mess —

I’m sorry for your loss.