The Power of ‘We’

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A number of months back I happened upon one of those interviews… you know the kind where it’s an artist talking about what they’re passionate about and by the end of it, you’re ready to throw away everything you own of excess, take to the open road, and by he♫ or high water — by golly — you’re going to make a difference in this world, too!

Johan Claeys was the interviewer in this instance and the inspiring artist — karolien soete. You can find the interview here:

One of the things Karolien says early on is that she knew she would not get into ‘the hot seat’ on but that she wanted to give back and introduce herself in some way and thus “Humans of Blab” was born.

How is any of this relatable to Medium?

This is what I’m thinking… Though it may appear on the surface that I’m promoting another platform here, what I’m actually doing is sharing a model — a model of giving back in a unique way that’s genuine and irreplaceable. And that, my friends, is a cross-platform concept.

Something that Karolien did and could not have been planned for in the least bit was capture one of our dear friends who has since “graduated” from this life. Art like this has so much meaning; art immortalizes humans; art makes us ‘we.’ …And there is great power in being a ‘we’ vs. ‘me,’ ‘you,’ ‘them,’ etc., Every time I visit Karolien’s Instagram account to see the next member of Humans of Blab, I visit DJ Sherry B to remind myself that no matter what might seem to separate us — “We are Blab” and that somehow soothes the sting of mortality.

Thank you, Karolien. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts and making a difference in this world.


One of the humans on Blab (KD♥).

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