These Ruby Slippers

1,2,3… here we GOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Here goes nothing… my glorious and gluttonous five minutes of writing “flow.” If I don’t make any sense right now then that’s alright → for me anyhow…

(Apologies if you come across this and happen to think better of me… I’m just trying to take a bit of action… you know — as in actually get over myself and produce some content rather than just letting all my ideas stay neatly tucked and nested within Evernote notebooks.)

At this point, I’d like to thank the academy… Well not exactly the academy, but my academicians at any rate… (Yes→ these are the things I think about first when I’m put under a self-imposed writing egg-timer gun— GRATITUDE… what else!??)

  1. Ammon Johns — for taking a chance on me and loving me… He’s always with me no matter how dark he goes at times. He’ll always be my Black Knight. He’s the first person (other than my parents and teachers/professors) to REALLY encourage me to get to writing. Who knows what will come of it — — only three options as far as I can see it at this point:
  • Everyone will ignore me & I’ll get muted.
  • I’ll annoy people and they’ll give me the pity-plus.
  • What I write will resonate with someone — just one person would make it worth it — and the synergy created between my writing, the reader’s reading, and what comes from the “after conversation” will lead to Oz (what that means I do not know… I’ve yet to follow the yellow brick road.)

2. Saul Fleischman — An amazing man all in his own rite. He’s opened my eyes to a different way of viewing my future. I’m incredibly grateful for my time in Japan (which I believe was the 1st thing we ever got into a discussion about in Blab) and for all the sweet people who thrust me into a position of queendom — of hashtags. This thrust led me to a search on the most relevant content regarding employing hashtags and ultimately led me to RiteTag’s Blog. A lot of what I’ve learned about metadata has come through using and studying RiteTag.

(Btw — I’m still loyal to Mia Voss…) LONG LIVE THE QUEEN! #MiaOnTheGo

3. I’ll forever be grateful to Dennis Duce for letting life happen to him and thus making space for me to test my wings in an incredibly uncomfortable way (d*mn my wretched need to fill in when I see a need, Lol!). He’s my brother — and I ain’t no Cain. (Tiny biblical joke… See now, Ammon, why I need to take time to edit → and edit again?)

At any rate, here’s the video that I’d say really got me going on my journey toward another space in time. Thanks to Stephanie Sims and Dennis, I was able to share what a valuable hero Ammon is to me (even though I chose him as my sidekick).

You asked me for my best content, Saul… I might offer this up.

→The recommendation from Ammon at 42:36 isn’t bad either. ;)

Follow my yellow brick road…

BEEP! 5 minute-timer went off. Man — Stan Bush sure trained me well. ;)

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