No Film At 11…(Or, How To Stop Hurricane Trump)

We are living in the saddest, strangest, most unsettling times that I can recall over the last four decades. Our nation is in crisis for several reasons: A disintegration of general civility. Sharp increases in racist, anti-Semitic/Muslim acts. Our LGBTQ friends, family, and military members are losing so much of the ground they have fought tirelessly to gain. Our foreign allies are distancing themselves from us. We are no longer a global example of leadership.

This country is more on edge and more divided than we have been in a long time. Our White House is a seemingly revolving door of alt-right propagandists. They may not last long, but they are leaving scars in their wake. Our majority-held Congress and Senate is increasingly “concerned” with the actions being instituted by this administration, yet do nothing other than occasionally, weakly, voice discontent with said actions, then walk back those words the next day. I have never witnessed such hush-hush disapproval before. We are engulfed in a swirling, increasingly dangerous storm of chaos. To put it in timely context, government has become a virtual hurricane of destruction, heading right towards the heart of our democracy.

At the eye of this hurricane, we have a self-absorbed, morally bankrupt, seemingly increasingly incapacitated president, who is obsessed with golfing, campaigning and reminding everyone he encounters that he won the election. The election that was decided now almost ten months ago. He has been using almost every appearance as a bully pulpit to remind the nation, specifically his ever-decreasing base, that he alone is the winner. That he alone can fix this cesspool that once was America. And for the most part, his base continues to swallow these words without even chewing them. Many others are not enjoying the flavor anymore, but continue to choke them down out of pure partisanship, a desire to see their own wishes for government carried out, and a general inability to admit the leader of their party is a straight up trainwreck. Someone with an influential voice needs to come out and say it — President Trump is hurting our country. But those who try are deemed an enemy. And an enemy in the minority is an unsafe place to be these days.

Many Americans have reached a saturation point. We can no longer take it. Yet every time you turn on the television, every time you pop onto Twitter or log into Facebook, we are forced to stare face to face with the latest bizarre rant that our Commander In Chief is spewing. Crowd sizes at rallies, continued insults to women, minorities, non-Christians, increasing attacks on our press and amazing journalists who are covering this White House with more integrity in their collective pinky fingernails than the whole of the Cabinet, all part of a campaign of disinformation from this administration that is tearing at the very fabric of our flag and everything it stands for. And as the vitriol grows, the potential for destruction does too. Hurricane Trump is becoming a Category 5 storm.

Enough is enough.

As the warm waters of the gulf fed Hurricane Harvey, giving it endurance and strength, we were powerless to stop it. And now there is long-term and perhaps permanent damage for so many Americans. Fortunately for us, in the scenario of Hurricane Trump, we have the power to cut off its lifeline and weaken it drastically and quickly.

We need to stop feeding the hurricane.

This is a little bit ‘out there’ in terms of ideas, but in times of crisis, sometimes one is forced to get creative when all other avenues of defense are falling short. So here it is…we need to stop feeding this man’s ego. As he is bolstered by the shiny lights of a camera, and obsessed with ratings, viewers and reality-show primetime pardons, our media holds an untapped weapon to counter this.

Stop covering him on camera. Simply. Stop.

Don’t give him a daily platform from which to shout his divisive rhetoric. Don’t talk to the fringe MAGA hat-wearing Trumpers, and certainly don’t air their comments on the nightly news. Do not film him when he’s signing horrible bills into law. He’s going to sign them anyway, but if you remove the pomp and circumstance surrounding them, it will not feel like such a triumph. Take the mic away from his face and direct it elsewhere.

This is in no way suggesting journalists cease covering the workings of the White House and what he is doing. Of course it should be covered, written on, and reported. We The People need to be kept abreast of what is going on in Washington. But by removing the flash and dazzle that serves as the lifeline to someone who is nothing more than a showman at best, he will shrivel up. Weaken. Couple this with the increasing pressure of the Mueller investigation, and the man who craves the camera may suddenly find himself bored with everything. He will very quickly crave a return to the spotlight, and frankly, his ego may just decide that he can give up the presidency to get back to a reality-show existence where the cameras are on him again. He’ll be happy. And we will be able to begin cleaning up from the damage this hurricane wreaked on our nation. A win-win for everyone.

Think about it.

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