Varsity’s Summer Cheerleading Camps

While she was a student at Hawaii Pacific University learning how to teach English as a second language, Kristin Kinkel was a member of the Alpha Chi National College Honor Society. At the same time, Kristin Kinkel was involved in competitive cheerleading and served as an instructor and judge for Varsity Spirit Corporation.

Varsity is the umbrella organization for many leading US cheerleading bodies including educational clinics, competitions, and camps. Varsity camps always include high-quality certified instructors that can provide instruction on complex stunts following the highest standards of the American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators (AACCA) safety rules.

Summer cheerleading camps can teach athletic skills and spirit skills using props like pom poms to help energize a crowd. Many camps also work with a specific theme over the course of their time together to help unify the experience. Participants also work together with rallies, ceremonies, and other bonding experiences to help a team unite. Varsity’s camp programs are the largest worldwide, with more than 350,000 participants attending each year.

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