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It’s hard to imagine that ten days ago our lives were so different and how ten days later our lives will have changed forever. The first three days after the fire were beyond tough. That bit of anxiety of another fire happening lingered and I could never seem to shake it off no matter how hard I tried. We had evacuated twice before finally finding safety. Since the night we evacuated, I’ve made sure to keep a packed bag in the car because you never know.

Losing a house is like losing a family member. So many memories, so many moments, so much love and care was taken to make a house a home and in one night, just like that, it was gone taking everything with it. I know, it’s sad to think about. It’s sad for me to remember it. It is devastating. Then in little moments of the day you aren’t sure if you can ever recover from a tragedy like this mentally, emotionally, financially.

Bangor has been my home for almost thirteen years. It’s been my refuge, my safe haven, my home. My mother and father-in-law have made their property a little piece of heaven for not just myself but for everyone and anyone who has come to visit.

Never mind what my husband and I lost, his parents have lost more: their home and their equipment for business.

It’s a long journey but if you focus on the mini milestones along the way, you will find beauty in the struggles of doing simple things that prior to this fire were taken for granted.

I want to thank you, our neighbors, family, and friends for your amazing support during this time in our lives. I’ve mentioned it once before but truly, your love, words, prayers, and thoughts are everything! Thank you as well for your generous donations to our family.

Work has not ceased thankfully. Due to your generosity, my mother and father-in-law’s business is able to continue having borrowed equipment from such kind friends. Thank you! Unfortunately, clean-up cannot occur until certain inspections are made and approved. It’s seems to be a painfully slow process at at the moment, no one seems to know when it will can even occur. How frustrating for all of us!

In the meantime, we move forward simply taking it one day at a time. I’d like to leave you with a day I documented early this year in Bangor. I hope you enjoy it and again, thank you so very much!

Remembering Bangor, CA | February 23, 2017