Asia-Pacific on the Way of Breaking the Traditional Global Politics

The vision of global technology transfer and united cyber security assistance is captivating the world`s political dialogue nowadays and the leading participant in this talk is India.

After five-nation tour in Afghanistan, Mexico, Switzerland, the United States and Qatar the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has achieved positive results on strengthening India`s foreign affairs. Among all, the most successful visit appears to be in the US where the National Congress stated India as “major defence partner on cyber security” in the Asia-Pacific region.

The shared principals for cyber space

Many are the common objectives between the two states in the cyber security field.

Both sides intend to complete a framework based on shared principles concerning the use of Internet as an engine for innovation, commerce and free flow of information. They also commit to collaborate in strengthening the security and resilience of critical information infrastructure in order to combat against cyber threats.

This means that India is going to increase its potential in the field of information exchange but it will also receive free access to a wide range of dual-use technologies that are decisive to the traditional national defence practices in the region.