Increasing rate of hate crimes in the U.S. during Presidential Race 2016

Pulse nightclub Orlando shooting Photo:

More than 20 people died last night after shooting in Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. The gunman died after exchange of fire with the police. Details of his demise have not been revealed but the incident has been reported as ‘domestic terrorism’.

The tragic event is alarming considering Donald Trump`s leading anti-Muslim and immigration rhetoric during the Presidential Race 2016. Since 9/11, the amount of hate crimes against Muslims has increased from 30 to 100 annually. After Trump`s official Muslim ban proposal in December 2015, 53 separate attacks on Muslims have been reported during the same month.

Other seriously disturbing events of fear and anxiety have been reported in schools where the harassment and intimidation of students from different ethnic background have been leading to negative results in the course of the education process.

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