ARCHDIOCESE of LA helps out the community on immigration


The Archdiocese of Los Angeles has been holding forums, while investigating rumored immigration raids, Steve Angeles reports in Balitang America. During the Holy Week, Archbishop of LA gave a wallet-sized card prayer and advised on what to do when immigration officer approach them.

Screenshot from Balitang America

The archdiocese of LA set up immigration office for those who has questions and want to educate themselves about immigration.

It was clearing up the rumors when hundreds of undocumented immigrants were picked up in MacArthur Park in February during Trump’s ban.

“You should carry with you a little ID, so if anyone is arrested you can produce this, and say I’m not going to speak unless I’m in the presence of a lawyer.” said Father Brannigan — who use to be stationed in the Philippines — now heads a church in Historic Filipinotown that is home to large Filipino and Latino populations, reports Balitang America.

Anyone who cannot make it to their informational mass can visit the website to further the help he or she needs.

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