Robbie Keane

Tonight we say goodbye

To a legend of the game.

A stalwart of a beloved sport

A man called Robbie Keane

We came from across the land

Monaghan, Dublin and Meath.

Although divided opinions

He was greeted with a cheer.

Old Keano couldn’t help himself

And with a thud, he gifted us,

One last cartwheel.

At the end, we all stood

for one last rousing speech.

He spoke of happier times.

Scoring against in Japan

and said he’d be watching as a fan

And with one last bow

He turned from the crowd.

A legend departs the stage.

Hello my name is Kristofer, I am 19 and I’m a student of Heritage Studies in Galway, Ireland. I write opinion pieces, short stories and poetry. If you enjoyed this then please like and follow for more.

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