Little of the material taught in Liberal Arts programs today is relevant to the future.
Is Majoring in Liberal Arts a Mistake for Students?
Vinod Khosla

Glad to know you’re so certain that a deep, systematic understanding of human history, poetry and prose, art, cuisine, architecture, cultural value systems, economics, philosophy, theological quarreling both within and among belief systems — and the history of science, information, and ideas for that matter — is ready for the bin. I for one have never gotten any real use out of practicing precise investigations of the behavior, thoughts, and feelings of humans vis-a-vis their passions and the productions of their minds. I prefer to relate to people — including my own family — transactionally or as a matter of sharing information that is critical to sustaining my empty, gray, emotionally untenable private life. This essay resonates well with my daily ignorance of all life and all meaning that has come before and produced the aggregate emotional satisfactions at which I grasp uselessly. At night, after fulfilling my daily count of duties, I fall into bed thoughtlessly, without nuance or color. Film and music bore me. I never laugh.

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