iOS & Android app development: What is the Difference?

Since their inception, the mobile applications have been gradually flooding every industry. As these have provided a way to users to easily connect with the brand, more and more companies are making their way into the arena to tap into this amazing opportunity. However, in the initial phase, business owners are often confronted by a question: What is the difference between ios and android app development? Well, if you are a business owner, who has come across the same question, then we have something for you. We have lighted the major differences between the development done on these OS giants from a developer’s point of view. Have a look:


When it comes to app development, programming language is the cornerstone. On one hand, the language used for coding used in Android is Java, whereas its counterpart traditionally made use of Objective-C, however, it has been recently utilizing the newer and faster Swift. Moreover, opportunities for developers have been increased to a great extent as swift has already become an open source. This has paved way for its application in even broader range of platforms, whether it is a mobile device, desktop or cloud.

Integrated Development Environment

When it comes to IDE (Integrated Development Environment), Android used to perform application development Eclipse IDE using Android Development Toolkit, however, gradually it has shifted to Android Studio, which ultimately provided way to improved development process. Talking of Apple, the OS giant makes use of XCode for conducting the process.

Flexibility in distribution platforms

On one hand where developers in iOS have to wait for two weeks, when it comes to making changes in the application that has been already uploaded on the Apple App Store, on the other hand it is relatively quite easy for the android app developers to update the app after according to the reviews provided by the users on Google Play. In this regards, google play often provides a greater degree of flexibility to the developer as compared to its counterpart.

Market Share

Android clearly dominated the global OS market by whopping 87.6% share in 2016. Whereas the share of iOS dropped by 21% in this year, however IDC expects the figures to ramp up after the release of iphone 7 in the month of September. This figures would be a treat for developers who would want their app to gain popularity. But let us not forget the fact that these were world figures. In the case of United States, the numbers would tend to defer as majority of Americans prefer to go for apple

Revenue Generation

Despite a huge difference between market share between android and iOS, the latter tends to produce 75% more revenue than the Play Store. If you are an Iphone App Developers, this news is certainly going to make you happy. This is the one of the areas where android is left far behind in the race as compared to Apple.