Role of Big Data in the Enterprise

With the enormous volumes of data generated every day, it is becoming hard for the enterprises to manage their data & its growth. Every organization of varying sizes has started to take a step forward with the increased adoption of Big Data technologies. The main purpose is to effectively analyze these huge volumes of data to design new strategies based on unknown correlations, hidden patterns, market trends & other business-related information. More than thousands of companies using Big Data have been benefited from these innovations helping in transforming businesses.

Big Data & Its Importance

Well, if we talk about Big Data it just cannot be defined as a single technology or a technique. Moreover, it is a set of technologies & initiatives that deal with rapidly changing massive data, which cannot be managed effectively by traditional technologies or skills. Big Data specifically deals with the creation, storage as well as analysis of data to create higher business value. With the help of Big Data, new technologies have made it possible to realize the value and analyze the data for positive business growth. Some of the examples are:

  • It has enabled the utilities to get hold of household energy usage levels in order to predict outages & help in achieving efficient energy consumption.
  • Online Sellers or Retailers has been able to track web clicks of users to analyze their behavioral trends that can help in enhancing campaigns & pricing.
  • Using the results of sensors in the drilling equipment, Oil & Gas industries are able to make safer and efficient drilling decisions.

How Big Data Analytics Helps?

For every business or enterprise, customer satisfaction plays a very important part in making it a success. Due to this reason, Big Data Analytics Solutions are being used to create a good customer experience in the digital world, as it is one of the primary challenges faced by the most of the companies. Nowadays, customers want their providers to give every information they need in one place through any desired channels and even expect personalized services without any sort of compromise. This emerging need towards better customers’ engagement has led many companies to use Big Data Solutions and advanced Enterprise Content Management System. These solutions are being used to efficiently create a strong customer value proposition after analyzing customer’s behavior, preferences and needs as well as their purchase history.

Benefits of Big Data Analytics Solutions

For creating customer insights in real time, companies need to focus on data-driven decisions by understanding customer data based on purchase patterns, feedbacks, etc. Big Data Solutions helps in improving business value through the following ways:

Reduction in Cost

Employing Big Data Technologies such as Hadoop & cloud-based analytics has helped in reducing overall company’s cost up to a large extent.

Better & Faster Decisions

Organizations using Big Data Analytics has been able to identify & analyze data that improves decision quality leading to faster and much better decisions.

We can clearly see that Big Data Analytics Solutions has helped many companies to deliver better business value. If you are not using it yet for your business, it’s time to be a part of big data era in order to stay ahead.