4 Reasons Your Gym Needs an App

“I’ll cut down my flab this year”

This is the most common resolution of 2016. People are more health conscious than ever before. Fitness business has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry. But with a gym or fitness centre at every corner in metros and suburbs, have you figured out how are you going to stand out from the crowd? Well, that’s where a mobile app comes into picture. Think of it as a low cost marketing tool that helps you to reach out to prospects and keeps you connected with your customers 24x7.

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Mobile apps are changing the way we shop for clothes, live our lives, and fulfill our resolutions. Here are 4 creative ways, a native app can benefit your gym or fitness centre.

1. Getting New Members Onboard

The best time to get new members for your gym is just when the new year begins. Needless to say, having your own mobile app makes the job much easier. Choose a mobile app builder that features a sign-up form. With an integrated sign-up form, turning prospects into paying customers will be easier than ever. To get more sign-ups, think creative. Offer a week-long trial membership online. Doing so will help you convert not only those who are already interested but also those who hesitate to take the first step.

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2. Keep Your Members in the Loop of Events

A native business app helps you keep customers in the loop of updates and notifications via push and in-app messages. Setting class schedules, more so the immediate ones is done best via push notifications. Whether you’re hosting a celebrity class or a pilates themed week, a native app can get the word out to your members with just a click.

3. Getting Social

Gyms and fitness centres run on word of mouth. One satisfied customers brings in more customers and those customers bring in some more, leading to exponential growth. With the advent of social media, virality just got a whole new dimension. Social media is everywhere. No matter what business you’re in, you can’t afford not to be on social media. Provided your app is well integrated with social media APIs, you can create a buzz around your brand and that too organically.

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4. Learn More About Customers

Mobile is a personal device and much closer to a user than a desktop can ever be. And that’s why, mobile apps work great to collect and analyse user data. Done right, mobile app analytics can help businesses to know more about their users. Based on user data, businesses can design and deliver highly personalised content to a prospect and turn him/her into a loyal customer.

Gyms and fitness centres of all shapes and sizes are realising the value of going mobile and making more money by doing so! If you run a gym, health club or a fitness centre, an app can play a crucial role in helping you fulfill users’ health resolutions. Let your app be the solution to their resolution and untapped revenues will flow in your vault. Cut to the chase — A native android or iOS app for your gym helps you gain more customers, boost engagement and eventually drive higher revenues.

If you can already see the benefits of having a business app but the technical nuances involved intimidate you, let us tell you that with a DIY mobile app builder by your side, going mobile is faster and easier than ever. So pick an Android or iPhone app maker and take your business to a whole new level!