Hidden- Part 1

The black coat officials turned up while I was writing my diary. I jump up in panic, knocking my book over. But the noise can’t be louder than the noise of the officials banging on my door. Tearing the last page of my diary, I put the page in my pocket and ran to my cabinet to take out a very pint-sized bottle and stuff it into my back pocket. Taking a deep breath and willing myself to calm down, I walk to the main door as my heart threatens to jump right out of my chest. I force my shaking hand to open the door, and as soon as I do, a gun is pointed on my head by a tall, blonde official. I bite my tongue to stop the scream that is building up in my throat. I open my mouth to speak, but he speaks first,

“Where’s your family?” He shoves past me in the living room, his eyes darting around searchingly. I try to reply as calmly as possible,

“They’re not here.” I curl my hands in a tight fist and will myself to stop shaking. A dark haired official behind me smirks at my shaking hands. The blonde official moves to examine a huge cabinet of my small house but I stand in front of it, to stop this nonsense. Not unexpectedly, he shoves me to the side- as easily as moving a piece of paper- ignoring my frail attempt to stop him. After a quick look, he shakes his head, and moves to inspect other parts of the house. He strides into my parents room, but I simply fold my arms across my chest and stare at my feet, waiting for them to find whatever they want and leave.

“Where’d they go?” I look up to see the dark haired official peering curiously through the stuff in the living room.

“For a trip” At that, he looks up, cocking his head to the side, thoughtfully.

“Where?” He says, curiously.

“I don’t know.” I lie, feeling as if the paper in my pocket is on fire.

“Of course not.” He says, smiling. But the look in his eyes is what petrifies me. And then it finally clicks. They are looking for my parents, as if they’ll be hiding in the cabinets in their own house, like cowards. He resumes his investigation once again. I begin taking little steps to the exit of the house, my only exit. I think about making a run for it, but a gun is already pointed towards me, from the other end of the room. I sigh, my heartbeat accelerating, knowing that his aim would be good enough to hit me straight in the head if I tried to run. To not show him my fear, I ask as boldly as possible,

“Why are you looking for my parents?” But darn it if my voice didn’t tremble with fear.

The blonde official shuts the door my parents room, too loudly. He shakes his head in frustration and commands the dark haired official to put me in the cab. The dark haired official steps forward and puts his gun in his pocket, oblivious to my question, but amused by my fear. Then he walks towards me in a slow pace, as if trying to see whether or not I would try to escape. As soon as he comes closer, he extends his hand to grab my left wrist. Not trusting my voice, I defend myself the only way I can- I take the pint-sized bottle out of my pocket and spray the pepper spray straight in his dark eyes.

“You child of a rebel! How dare you!” He bellows, rubbing his eyes furiously. But I barely hear him, since I’m already making a run for it. I sprint with all my might to the main door. But I’m not fast enough. I’ve have never been fast enough- not when it comes to understanding important stuff and not when running for my life. I’m jerked back by the collar of my T-shirt and I feel a prick on my right arm. I thrash around in an attempt to free myself and run once again, but somehow I’m losing my strength. My house starts to spin around me and I collapse to the ground — free at the moment, but without any strength to even hold myself up. My eyelids start to droop, as all the life starts draining out of me. I’m swung off of the ground by a strong pair of arms. Soon after, I hear a faint buzzing. Gradually, it becomes clearer and clearer until it eventually forms into words, It’s dangerous out there, my child, we have to keep you hidden. Then everything goes dark.

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Originally published at flightoffancysite.wordpress.com on March 3, 2016.

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