#2 ~ Maximum Effort

I’d say I’m disappointed if you don’t get the reference in the title, but even those who have seen Deadpool probably won’t remember or even link it back to that. But if you did, I am proud of you.

This isn’t about Deadpool though (as much as I could write about that mad hatter with awesome swords and a mouth that won’t stop running). I thought I’d write about effort because it’s something people seem to lack, including myself. But it all depends on the subject really. Ask me to go outside and kick a ball about; I’m probably not that interested. Ask me to grab a controller and kick some arse at Halo; I’m all in. It’s funny like that. Sometimes I think that I can’t work because I’m just that tired or worn out, but today really fucking proved it.

My first and most dreaded lesson of the day was Modern History; double. Not that it is really about history anyway as most of it more focuses on politics. As I was sat in the room listening to my teacher go on about something that just wasn’t capturing my interest whatsoever (which is quite sad actually as in high school I loved history), I began to feel the pen grow in weight in my hand. It was like I just couldn’t be bothered to hold the fucker any longer. Then my eyes began to do the same thing. With a painful amount of effort, I managed to keep them open, but the pen was a lost cause. At this point I was thinking,”Shit. I’ve got a Psychology test next. How the fuck am I going to get through that?”

To be honest, my arm is still hurting from the amount of writing I did. I was wide awake and had put pen to paper, speeding through like a bullet. The words: like spilt blood from everything I was cutting through. Unfortunately, my teacher had only given us 30 minutes or so for a slightly bigger exam, just to test how quickly we could get through, so I had a few unanswered points. But it was no biggy, as most of my other class mates had the same issue.

That’s when it hit me. 45 minutes ago, I was in my history class room half asleep, not even able to lift a damn pen. Now I had just done what felt like a 5 mile sprint. Obviously I’m exaggerating, but you get the point. I love Psychology. It’s fun, interesting and it’s a challenge at times, but doing that whole test felt like less hard work than writing just a single word in that history lesson. The effort I had put in, wasn’t really effort. Most things that are effort in life are because we just don’t want to do them. Simple as. You can do so much in only a few hours, yet sometimes a whole day goes by and you do fuck all.

In life, effort is a way of something telling you that whatever you’re doing sucks. At least it does to you. But that doesn’t mean I’m telling you to only do things where you feel like your putting in no effort, because that would only result in a lot of things not getting done. Most things in life are small tedious tasks, but everyone will have something large and wonderful that they are truly passionate about, and it may be an effort to others, but to you, it’s like putting your feet up and sipping a Piña Colada, staring at a sunset whilst a warm, summer’s breeze rolls over you. Well, maybe not quite that relaxing, but it’s definitely peaceful. And that’s where your true effort should take place, because that’s exactly it.

There are two types of effort: effort, and maximum effort. If you don’t feel like you are putting effort into a task because you’re enjoying it that much, then turn it up to 11. Go that extra mile that you wouldn’t for anything else. Embrace it, and go MAXIMUM EFFORT. That’s when you will truly fulfil your passion’s potential. Now, I’m going to end it here because my laptop is having several momentary lapses of significant computing power.

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