What is Krue?

Live Broadcasts from Musicians Around the World

On the surface, Krue is a live streaming platform for musicians to grow and monetize their fan base.

We’re building a mobile and web app that makes it easy for musicians to go live and for viewers to interact with their favorite artists. Dig a little deeper though, and you’ll see Krue is much more to many people.

To an investor,

Krue is Twitch or Periscope for music.

To a musician,

Krue is a ticket to independence.

To @MusicLover1989,

Krue is the best way to watch and engage with live music.

To us,

Krue is all of the above and more.

Live music has always brought people together. From coffee shops to worldwide festivals, there’s something special about a group uniting through sound.

Krue is not just a platform, we foster a powerful community at the intersection of technology and music that will disrupt the way artists advance their careers and the way fans consume music. Krue is the place to unite with both musicians and music-lovers in real-time, anytime.

@WeAreFontaine performing live on the Krue beta while we work out the kinks.

Craving some tunes? Jump on Krue from your phone or desktop and see who’s live now, or search through genres to find exactly what you’re looking for. The most popular streams will float to the top, so you always know who’s bringing their A game. You can watch the whole performance and interact or plug in your headphones or speakers and go about your day.

Learning to play? Filter your search for live lessons and pick the brain of experts willing to share their experience with the community. Ask the artist questions and explore clickable links in the chat from other musicians watching along.

Ready to jam? Or how about a backstage Q&A or practice session? Just hit Go Live, title your stream and you’re ready to go! You can automatically tweet out and post to Facebook telling your audience you’re live right now. Showcase all of your social profiles right on your channel, from Instagram to iTunes, so viewers can connect with you even further. See who’s watching live, read and respond to comments, and follow your biggest fans.

Want to make some money while you’re at it? Become part of the Krue Partner Program to unlock Tip and Subscribe buttons so viewers can support your art and get special recognition in the chat. Subscriptions are $4.99/month and tips can be any amount. Subsribers get exclusive access to Subscriber-only chat mode and all your past streams, plus special perks you’d like to share with them, like free downloads or limited edition merch. This strengthens the bond between artist and fan and helps you take a huge step toward financial and professional independence.

Krue infographic for musicians.

So, what is Krue?

Krue is coming soon.

Join the Krue web beta to gain early access and help us build something special. Have a question? Send us a tweet!

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