This post carries news, new released game demos and links to devs looking for work. Scroll down to find the juicy bits or continue reading to get all the context.

As you might know if you have found your way here, I am the head of the indie game studio Forgotten Key.

It’s with a heavy heart we have decided to prepare a shutdown of Forgotten Key, the place we have called home for the last 7 years.

We have grown from 4 to 14, had the pleasure to receive several prestigious awards, and we have worked with some of the industries biggest and finest. …

The thing we call a game can be seen as an artifact, as discussed in the last post I posted a long time ago. The artifact exists with the purpose of creating an experience when interacted with. It’s that experience this article is about.

Games are many things in one and as in many cases something that can be defined in many different ways and looked at from different angles. …

I thought long and hard about how to tackle games as a subject, and my conclusion is this article series, where we start from the very beginning and continue building upwards through different ideas and understanding of the medium. The later posts will be something that I can’t convey in a good way unless there is a reference to a concrete foundation, which I hope to provide a version of here, even though I know that many of you already will have a good understanding of these concepts or similar ones.

First of, a disclaimer. This is very much my own theory of games and how they work, so to quote a quote from…

Robin Hjelte

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