P2E is ExplodingAre We Ready to Welcome the Latest Crypto Industry Hysteria?

If the crypto economy in 2020 driven by “liquidity mining” belonged to DeFi, this year it belongs to “play to earn” (referred to as P2E). This new crypto economy business model is driving the arrival of GameFi autumn.

Take the leader Aixe as an example, according to Tokenterminal, Aixe’s revenue has reached $59.2M in the past 7 days, surpassing public chains such as Ethereum and BSC, and even crushing DeFi leader Uniswap.

— In July 2021, Krypital Group officially announced the completion of a strategic investment in MoonEdge, the first launchpad on Polygon.

Introduction to the MoonEdge Project

MoonEdge is the first IDO Launchpad platform deployed on Polygon. MoonEdge is committed to providing a fairer token distribution for the blockchain community and a compliant fundraising process for high-quality projects.


IDO serves as the primary vehicle for fundraising new projects on the blockchain. Even though IDO has a number of advantages over older fundraising models (such as ICOs and IEOs), its benefits can be limited when transaction costs rise. This is especially true in the Ethereum network domain…

-Krypital Group Officially Announced The Completion Of Its Strategic Investment In Alpha Impact

In May, Krypital Group formally announced the completion of its strategic investment in Alpha Impact. Alpha Impact is positioned as a blockchain-based, DeFi-enabled social media platform and copy trading platform. The platform currently contains 7 core features: social media, copy trading, a non-custodial wallet, covering options, contracts, spot trading, and a Defi pool. The Alpha Impact team has strong industry background, with CEO and co-founder Hughes, having been Head of Distribution at Techemy, a blockchain technology investment bank, and managing institutional sales at Crypto.com. …

— Krypital Group supports the first Mexican peso stablecoin MMXN to promote the development of the crypto market in Latin America.

Moneta Digital — an international technology company, officially announced the launch of MMXN on the 17th of 2021. The one and only stablecoin backed by Mexican Pesos was listed on the second-largest exchange in Mexico — Mexo.io. As a strategic partner of Moneta Digital and an investor of MMXN, Krypital Group said MMXN would be a strong and trusted bridge between pesos and cryptocurrencies for the booming Mexican crypto world.

MMXN is the first use case stablecoin cryptocurrency that…

— Krypital Group Completes Its Strategic Investment in PARSIQ

PARSIQ Project Introduction

PARSIQ is a blockchain data monitoring and workflow automation service crypto project founded in 2018. The project team members have extensive experience working in the blockchain space. Since the team found that most blockchain databases are not as well connected to the outside world as they should be, they wanted to fix this issue by building and optimizing the infrastructure to interact with blockchain data.

PARSIQ is positioned as the “Zapier of the blockchain world” which allows users (including individuals, companies, and enterprises) to monitor any event on various blockchains and…

— Krypital Group Completes A Strategic Investment in Subspace Labs

In June 2021, Krypital Group officially announced the completion of their strategic investment in Subspace Labs.

What is Subspace?

Subspace Labs was founded in 2018 and is made up of a global team of protocol hackers, researchers, and engineers. Their oal is to solve systemic challenges in the blockchain space regarding sustainability, scalability, and fairness so that the crypto industry can return to its decentralized roots.The Subspace Network is based on original research funded by the US National Science Foundation and is currently being built using the Substrate framework under a Web 3…

— Krypital Group Completes A Lead Strategic Investment in Vera Network

In June 2021, Krypital Group officially announced the completion of their lead strategic investment in Vera Network, a universal infrastructure for NFT DeFi applications.

Vera is a universal infrastructure for NFT DeFi applications that empowers billions of people who are more familiar with the value of existing real-world assets than cryptocurrencies. NFTs are the best solution to digitize the value of real-word assets, especially as there is a global demand for censorship-resistant and privacy-centric methods for us to create and exchange real-world assets. Vera Protocol believes NFTs are the…

— Krypital Group will participates in Solverse Accelerator to help more world-class teams building on Solana.

Solverse is a new ecosystem accelerator designed to provide support to world-class teams building on Solana. Solana is a high-performance web-scale blockchain with one of the fastest-growing ecosystems in the industry. With a team of top blockchain mentors and entrepreneurs, Solverse facilitates technology development, project structure, capital planning, and market entry strategies so developers can focus on delivering the best products and services.

“We are working with the world’s most brilliant minds and the developers we’ve seen in the blockchain space are aligning towards…

— Krypital completes strategic investment in Bunicorn DEX

May, 2021, Krypital Group officially announced the completion of its strategic investment in Bunicorn, the first BSC-based multifunctional all-in-one DEX platform built on Binance Smart Chain.

Why Invest in Bunicorn

The DEX track has gained exponential growth in the past two years. The Automated Market Maker AMM mechanism has been proven viable and many projects such as Balancer, Curve, Mooniswap, Kyber DMM, etc. have come up with several proposals to improve the AMM mechanism, including reducing impermanent losses, lowering slippage, avoiding early runs and improving capital efficiency. …

— Krypital Group Completes A Strategic Investment in Tradestars

In April 2021 (Beijing time), Krypital Group officially announced the completion of their strategic investment in TradeStars, an ethereum-based sports game.

TradeStars is a fantasy sports stock trading platform powered by Ethereum and Polygon (Matic) Layer 2 that allows users to trade digital assets based on real-life statistical events. It supports the DeFi gamification system through the Fractional NFT (fragmented NFT) marketplace, which allows users to trade digital assets that represent an athlete’s true performance data.

What is Fantasy Sports?

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