Apple would need to be the insurer surely.
Jason E

Agreed, that would be the capitalist solution, contractually control the network and price points of entry.

I’m more hopeful for single-payer. Single-payer alone would eradicate most of the logistic nightmares. (And let us not be derailed by talk of death panels; they already exist, just distributed among insurers with more innocuous names: prior authorization, formularies, out-of-network facilities, treatments only approved when x number of other treatments have first failed, etc.)

Truly, it is barbaric that any aspect of healthcare is a for-profit enterprise at all. Non-profit doesn’t have to mean cheap (administrators, innovators, and practitioners alike work hard and earnings should be in-lines with upper-middle class standard of living*), but profiting from illness is a conflict of interest. The Sunshine Act was a PR stint at best, and really, since the entire industry still is by and large for-profit, it’s philosophically pointless, IMHO.

*conversely, anyone working full-time in any profession should have a middle-class standard of living…

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