Law of Attraction

I have a ‘thing’ about the Law of Attraction. I know it works but I also understand why I once heard Germaine Greer rubbish the idea by asking ‘but what if what I want stops someone else getting what THEY want?’ The common idea about the Law of attraction promulgated by The Secret’ and similar books is that its simple. All you have to do is imagine yourself getting what you want and it will happen………… wonder people rubbish it. After all every child should find out early in life that wanting doesn’t always mean getting….and sometimes with a good reason. The child does not understand that what they want may harm them.

During my hypnotherapy training one of the many mantras we were taught was ‘you get more of what you focus on’ And in essence that is what the law of attraction is about. Because it’s not just about wanting something — but about really focussing on it.

Back in 2007 I went through a week of ‘life laundry’ using a self help book. One of the exercises I did was to really think about my job as a hospital pharmacist and what I enjoyed about it. I realised the bit of my job I enjoyed most was when I was talking to people one to one. As I came up with a new plan for my life I made some decisions. On March 1st 2009 I would take early retirement from the hospital. In the meantime I would work to get the accreditations so could I could move into community pharmacy where such one to one interactions would be more common. I had a plan……….

But the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.

Life interfered in a huge way with illness, 2 bereavements, and unexpected carer duties all taking their toll. My carefully laid plans were kicked into touch and it was all firefighting . I was away from work for more than I was at work. In the end I did retire on the planned day — but instead of moving into community I had to stay as a locum in hospital…….this was an option that enabled me to reduce my hours.

2009 was to carry on as 2008 had done — this time with dementia complicating my role as a carer. But also in 2009 something entirely new crossed my path…….reiki and psychic development. Something I would never have even thought about before.

In August 2009 I was attuned to reiki. And that was just the start in 2010 I started learning hypnotherapy . I was not working full time so I had time t do the studying. In 2011 I became a volunteer therapist one day a week at a local hospice giving reiki. And one day it finally dawned on me……..I was working one to one with people but just not in the way I imagined.

I had never even heard of reiki in 2007 when I was doing my life laundry and started to focus on the concept of working one to one. But I had never lost that focus That focus attracted the opportunities to move into complementary therapies towards me. .

It has to be something that you feel and believe is right for you with every fibre of your being. Because its only when you feel that, that you can keep the focus . That focus help you spot opportunities.

So if you really believe you should have a certain sort of car, or a house in a particular area you will become more aware of things that will make it possible. If you believe that you deserve a certain income you will become aware of opportunities to get it. Because the universe doesn’t just give us things, it gives us the opportunity to work towards things. We will spot the opportunities, It is up to us to take them.

But lets answer Germaine Greer’s comment. While you may spot opportunities to move towards a goal that would be harmful to someone else (eg to get a promotion instead of someone else) there will be stumbling blocks. Enough stumbling blocks should make you realise it isn’t meant to happen….that you have the wrong focus. This of course does not stop anyone intentionally doing harm to someone else… only have to watch the news to see people in a really evil situation caused by deliberately evil acts. So no, the Law of Attraction does not magically mean the world is a wonderful place. Lets keep a sense of perspective. Sometimes a positive focus on good outcomes isn;t enough to overcome the evil intentions of others. But I believe karma will have its way…

This however should make you realise this is all very long term. It took me over 3 years…..3 years of more stress and upset than I would ever wish on my worst enemy. Putting the Law of Attraction into action takes blood toil tears and sweat at times.

Another thing is you can really focus on something that is harmful……ask any addict; they can focus on something that could literally kill them. But then any addict will know what they are doing is bad for them. They may really want to give up….but they just cannot see themselves giving up. They do not believe with every fibre of their being they can give up- so when they try to give up they don’t keep it up for long.

Believing you should get something, being able to really see yourself achieving it is not a guarantee. There are no guarantees in this life. But one thing is certain, If you can’t see yourself achieving it, you won’t have the focus and then you can guarantee it won’t happen.

‘But thats not right some people have lots of lucky breaks’ I hear you cry. ‘Luck’ is a state of mind. If you have a lucky ‘consciousness’ , if you feel blessed in life you probably see luck where others would not see it. So your reaction to something is different, and the outcome is different. The lucky person will get a good outcome. the person who feels life is against them will get an unlucky outcome.In a way ‘Being lucky’ is like ‘being happy’ its a choice we make. But don;t forget — sometimes the unluckiest breaks can lead to the best outcomes. 2008 was a disaster for me. It could not have gone worse. But it led to some great and very unexpected things for me. So sometimes we don;t know what is in our best interests and good luck only becomes obvious later. They key for me was I always focussed on getting through each thing one day at a time. I never doubted things would work out somehow…

The events of 2007 -9 taught me that our minds are capable of working the most amazing magic if we learn to use it properly, if we chose to focus on the right things in the right way. And that is what the Law of attraction is all about