‘Life can be shit and some people are d!ckh@@ds’

The above quote is from my son who at the age of 27 has sadly had a lot of experience of how shit life can be. He sometimes says he really shouldn’t have turned out as well as he has done. Product of a broken home, an alcoholic father, a depressed mother; who was allowed to play violent PC games like Doom. He has also had to cope with bereavement when his father and both grandmothers died within 18 months of each other. He also saw one grandmother slide into dementia. As a liberal democrat he also had to cope with the aftermath of May 7th 2015. Yes life can be brutal.

The above quote was made in the aftermath of a burglary at his house. But contrary to what it appears it was actually made from a positive viewpoint. The losses tho annoying were not major and the thieves ignored some other items that would have been much more expensive both financially and emotionally. In fact his most immediate worry was the missing disc from the box set he had watching that got removed when they took his game console. And he realised how lucky he was. He wasn’t sitting bemoaning how rotten life was, or blaming the world for treating him unfairly. He was making a statement of fact, and moving on, lessons learned.

I was proud of him for being able to do that.

Life can be rough and unfair. Most of the bad stuff that has happened to my son was not his fault. (Although he may have been lax about security which allowed opportunistic thieves to take advantage. ) But moaning about past misfortune simply holds you back from making your future better…