The demise of Easter

Easter is no longer celebrated as it used to be. Good Friday is almost a normal working day. And while some Easter cards and millions of easter eggs will be given, it doesn’t have the same attraction as Christmas. And that is largely because Easter (Or Ostara if you go back to its pagan origins) at its heart isn’t about giving. Its about a mental, psychological, and spiritual ‘spring clean’ Getting ready for a new life. And that does not resonate with the majority. In some ways I think this represents the rise of the materialistic approach to life. Christmas with its gifts is easy to understand…….and lets face it in the middle of winter its good to have an excuse to have fun. Easter’s message is much more spiritual and sadly less well understood. But the majority will enjoy the Bank holidays that come attached to the festival and not worry too much about what they mean.

Whether Christian or pagan, the message of this festival is the same. Rebirth, new life, renewal, preparing the ground (literal and metaphorical) for the year ahead. This ensures that when Christmas/Yule comes around you are able to celebrate. You can’t have a feast if you haven’t planted a crop and taken in a harvest.

Easter is all about planning your life. Its message is a life coaches dream. Its time to look forward to the year ahead.

Psychologically and spiritually this is a MUCH better time of year to make changes in your life

Easter Resolutions anyone?