Mahdi Eshaghi IRAN with his Gold Medal — YOG Nanjing 2014

Two World Champions in Taekwondo -48kg final!

Mahdi Eshaghi from Iran has chosen the sport that he loves, even though his father was a Volleyball Olympian back in Sydney 2000!

Eshaghi, who is the current World Junior champion in -45kg, was fighting Wang from Chinese Taipei who is also the World Junior champion but in the -48kg category. In the Olympic Games, the title is what matters the most, and Mahdi managed to win this title! He said that there is a big difference between an Olympic Gold and a World’s because you have your name inked in the Olympic history, you become an Olympic Champion.

Eshaghi showed that he was a serious fighter on the court, he was very aggressive and intelligent. Behind this attitude lies a very innocent young athlete. He said that he always does anything to achieve his goals!

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