This past Friday I visited the local farmers market in my neighborhood..

It was dope ! I got there the last 25 minutes and I met a couple who sold (drum roll please) …..

Organic Vegetables .. yup

I’m like cool alright because I don’t know what to cook and I really do hate walmart even thought it’s legit across the street.

Anyways, so this guy is selling potatoes and I ask him how much ? He pulls out a basket from underneath and said “fill up the basket for $5 “. So I’m like ok but not really about to do that you know but then I saw sweet potatoes and I asked “ can I mix them?” He replied yes! So I’m like sweet we have a deal I start filling the basket up and I realize that both types of potatoes are smaller then usual . I keep filling the lil green basket. I give him $5 no tax and he tells me some info on what else he has .

Fast forward till today

The potatoes were amazing ! They had this familiar taste I immediately differentiate after my second bite. I mean this whole time we grew up on real veggies and today I realized that I never noticed the switch up. It blew me . After every bite I just couldn’t believe how good they were. I baked them . Man I will be at the market this Friday for the re-up. Believe that. #staywoke #realpapas

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