Heart bursts

My heart is filled with emotions,

I’m afraid it might burst.

I never knew, you’d be the person to make me feel this way.

You make me so damn happy.

With one simple smile, my heart flutters.

One simple stare, my heart stops beating.

Makes me think,

If I die and the last thing I see is you,

Wouldn’t it be a great way to die?

Your gorgeous face and angelic smile.

Add up your adorable personality.

Bam! I’m ruined.

You’re perfect for me.

You balance out the madness I feel for the world.

Words flow, poems made.

Feelings grow, relationship made.

I just want to spend my time with you.

Enjoy little things.

And make you happy.

I’m afraid to give you any reason that’ll make you stay away from me.

I want to be in your life. No matter if I’m your friend or special someone.

I’ll take whatever I can get.

Will you give me that chance?