Sport is the fashion!

Nowadays it is very fashionable to do sports. Also, I consider keeping fit to be beneficial to health. And I think people should go in for sports. Firstly, the most important reason why you should be in sports, is the necessity to improve health, strengthen the heart and to control blood pressure. Even in 4 weeks of intensive trainings you will notice the result and feel yourself better! Secondly, sport tonifies the muscles making them sturdy and strong. Therefore, they become more elastic, and you, accordingly, become attractive and well groomed.But,because of hard exercises, you can hurt yourself and,then,you seem to be not so eye-catching.If you don’t want this happening, it will be a good idea to train with a personal trainer. Thirdly, sport also reinforces self-confidenceand increase self-esteem. You feel that you can improve your health and your appearance, despite your age and physical fitness. But, sometimes, while training in the gym, you can see many body builders in a good shape that can influence your self-esteem badly. Though, you can prefer exersicing at home or in the corner of the gym where nobody can see you. I suppose due to the points emphasized above you will definitely decide to keep fit!

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