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For everyone, the year starts off in January, but for me, the new year kicks in only when we host our Kalaari Annual summit in February. Our summit is a platform for sharing insights, knowledge, learning, and growing the ecosystem to foster collaboration. It is 3 months of non-stop meticulous planning from the Kalaari & Kstart teams- from speaker sessions to food to overall experience for everyone participating. Personally for me, the journey from drawing board to participant feedback to knowing that we, in our unique small way, created impact for our community is very gratifying.

The theme for this year’s summit was Imagine Tomorrow — Shaping a Trillion Dollar Digital India. We hosted Arun Kumar (Chairman, KPMG), Nandan Nilekani (Ex. Chairman,UIDAI & Co-founder, Infosys), Amitabh Kant (CEO, NITI Aayog), Nitish & Manish (Nazara Games), Mukesh Bansal (Cure.fit), Ritish Agarwal (Oyo Rooms) and Harsh Jain (Dream11) along with 200 participants from the start-up & corporate ecosystem. They shared their views on how India could achieve a trillion-dollar digital economy. We believe that the best way for the Indian start-up ecosystem to grow and thrive is by creating platforms such as Kalaari Summit (see pictures) to bring everyone in the eco-system together. …

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Team StanPlus

In the age of on-demand anything, medical transportation in Indian leaves a lot to be desired for. Especially when compared to players in the personal transportation space, medical transportation services look stuck in the dark ages. You still have to call several numbers before you get an ambulance, and even when you get through a provider there is no assurance on when the ambulance will reach you or the quality of the service thereafter. Also, supply of ambulances is perennially short of demand. Yet, in conversations on India’s many healthcare problems, transportation issues are treated as secondary concerns.

Enter StanPlus — a Hyderabad-based startup, working to fix the old and obsolete ways of Indian medical transportation and give it a much-needed upgrade. …

As humans, we are wired to find ways to lower uncertainty and increase trust with one another prior to exchanging value.



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