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Out around on the circuit board dancing
singing along to a sad song about women
the night sky illuminated with a flash of nuclear
A blind man says he’s gonna find out who killed her
The master stares at his apprentices chopping wood
He never told ’em to do that they just knew they could
The temptress stares from under a shady hood
stares roll back an echo to the attack
that left the old men bleeding

Born into a white house on a pier 
over an ocean of gold
the grey star appears like a warning
he hears as the music nears
the champions are running
Now, delilah has her hand stuck in the door
Her old husband’s trying to close it, calling her a whore
She remembers the pain as she’s lying on the floor

Sweets go down the gullet into the tomb
the wound is present on the axis of the loon
He laughs as he crashes through the monday gloom
he picks up delilah and brings her to his room
Drinking wine, you’d think they were both mute
her eyes are wide, and she knows this is a fluke
the fool is wrestling a tiger on the roof
and they think it’s the sound of thunder
from god who’s watching too

I’m out of names I lost my way again
I’m sitting in an asylum sipping Gin
You know my game, I know it’s not the end
I’ll keep going til the clock comes round the ten.

It’s patience that keeps me up at night
I’d rather not spend it
on some lady love in
some leather glove
with some emerald crust
and the fountain dove

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