What is ‘Hard Work?’

“To succeed you must work hard.”

This is the rallying cry of the self-actualized. “To succeed you must work hard.”

It doesn’t make sense to me. It never has. What is ‘hard work,’ exactly? How do you define ‘working hard?’ Is there an ideal example that you can summon as an image to your mind, to see a thing being done, and to say, ‘this is being done HARD!’ Or do you simply apply ‘hard work’ as a modifier to all semblance of applied effort? Do you distinctly separate ‘hard work’ from other kinds of work in your mind? If I have a job, and I do that job to the best of my ability, is that ‘hard work’ or must I somehow rise beyond myself each time I intend to ‘work hard?’

If I have spent much time ‘working hard,’ to the point where the ‘hard work’ becomes ‘easy,’ is it my duty to challenge myself further? To ‘work harder’ so to speak? In a retail job, when stocking a shelf, must I tie weights to my arms, just to say I am working hard, that I am burgeoning through the pain? Must I, when writing an essay, restrict myself to usage of only words that start with the letters T, Z, F, G, and H? Is that hard enough work? Would that satisfy the self-actualized?

When you say “Work hard!” do you mean that I should intentionally burden myself to make my work ‘hard’ as in difficult, or that I should act as if the work I’m doing is hard even if it’s not, or that I should strive for speed or aggression or an appearance that I am putting more effort into something than is necessarily required, just to look as if I am a hard person?

Does it make YOU hard when people work hard? Do you want everyone to be hard?

When you are not working hard, is that working soft? I really do not understand. I have never understood. Is it necessary to say the word ‘hard’ with forcefulness when attempting to ‘work hard?’ To not say, ‘I’m working hard,’ but ‘I’m working hard!!’ Is it necessary that I own a truck in order to work hard? Do I need to go to Home Depot?

Do they have hard work guides? Does Ikea require you to assemble your own hard work?


I do not understand. I have never understood. What is ‘hard work?’